Pharaonic Attractions

  Unleash your inner demand seeking for new knowledge concerning Pharaonic history while explore the gleaming finds of the Valley temple in Giza, which is considering the oldest stone buildings in Egypt, is located in front of Khafre Pyramid beside the Sphinx, it is characterized by magnificent of engineering, and its distinctive architectural style, The Valley Temple was the main entrance to the pyramid complex but not used as just entrance it was connected to the Nile River via a…
    Unleash your inner adventure while scout around the most gleaming finds of the site of Saqqara Pyramid, which is consider one of the oldest structure in the world which dates back to 2700 B.C, Said to be the world’s oldest monumental masonry structure, the unique pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara is part of a mortuary complex for the 3rd Dynasty king Djoser. Created by the architect Imhotep, it is a unique stepped pyramid with 6 tiers. This booming…
    The Solar Boat is located southern the great pyramid of Khufu, Ancient Egyptians used to bury a "solar barge" near the tomb of their pharaoh because they believed that their ruler needed transportation in the afterlife, The solar boat that was discovered in the year 1954 near the Great Pyramid of Giza consists of 1224 pieces of wood. The boat is 44 meters long and around 5.9 meters wide and it has 12 paddles. Unleash your inner adventure…
  Unleash your inner adventure while explore the most fascinating parts of Iput I and Khuit Pyramids, Iput I was probably Teti's Queen at 6th dynasty, and may have legitimized his ascent to the throne of Egypt. She was the daughter of Unas and the mother of Pepi I, The pyramids of Iput I and Khuit were discovered at 1989 by Victor Loret, This complex, located about 90 meters north of Teti's pyramid, has no Valley Temple, causeway or cult…
  The Pharaonic Village is a new experience to travel back in time and scout around the most gleaming finds of 7000 years of History, spend a day tour to Pharaonic Village, walkthrough the history and meet Pharaohs and pyramid workers, moreover learn about how they lived and spent their time under the Ancient Egyptian sun.The Pharaonic Village was founded by Dr. Hassan Ragab, At the Pharaonic Village enjoy sailing on comfortable boat known as Nefertari Yacht and view incredibly…
  Be amazed with the glory of the Sphinx, the Sphinx is located on the north and below pyramids, although the date of its constructions is uncertain, the head of the Sphinx is believed to be that of the Pharaoh Khafra, When was it built, for what purpose, which pharaoh does it represent, and who broke the nose? Any answer is a matter of conjecture. Egyptologists have not found any conclusive evidence. No matter. The Great Sphinx of Giza is…
Gaze upon the amazement of Chephren Pyramid while you scout around the mysterious parts of Giza Plateau, The second pyramid at Giza, built by Khafre, it has the most completely preserved pyramid complex of the Giza group, sometimes appears to be the largest of the three great Pyramids of the Giza Plateau. However, originally it was some three meters lower than its neighboring pyramid belonging to Khafre's father, Khufu. The only similarity to his father's Pyramid is the entrance in…
  Amuse yourself while explore the Great Pyramid of Cheops, which consider oldest, largest and finest pyramid in the world, it built by Khufu son of Snefru, some archaeologists notify that pyramid it take around thirty years to built and around 100,000 slave, it established from rock limestone around 2,300,000 about 6,000,000 ton at weight, nearly was consider the tallest man made structure in the world and the still remaining of old seven wonders.The Great Pyramid of Cheops was built…
  The Bent Pyramid is one of the oldest pyramids in Egypt which date back to 2600B.C, built by Senefru at 4th dynasty, the bent pyramid represent the development phases of cemetery construction, it is located at Dahshur, Mysteriously, this pyramid started at one angle (approx. 52 degrees) and then suddenly changes to a more gradual angle of 43 degrees. This odd arrangement provides this pyramid with a distinctive and unique appearance.The Bent Pyramid it was built of fine white…
  Pyramid of Userkaf it is a very small pyramid at Saqqara, around 49 meters high, it built by king Userkaf the founder of the 5th dynasty, The name Userkaf means that the power is in his soul. His mother was Queen Neferhotep but his father is not that famous However his grandfather was the next Pharaoh after King Cheops.Userkaf built his pyramid beside the step pyramid of Saqqara, The pyramid of Userkaf was built to act as a chapel…
  Unleash your inner demand seeking for explore mysterious places while scout around the most gleaming finds of Pyramid of Unas at Pyramid, The funerary pyramid and mortuary temple of Old Kingdom pharaoh Unas is perhaps equally as important, but unfortunately it’s now ruined and does not look like a royal pyramid.Feast your eyes while visit the mysterious Pyramid of Unas, it is in fact one of the smallest pharaonic pyramids ever constructed, The importance of pyramid of Unas goes…
  The Neferefre Pyramid is known as the Unfinished Pyramid in the pyramid field at Abusir. Actually, the pyramid looked much like a mastaba tomb, but it was square and not rectangular nor north-south oriented like mastabas, The limestone casing was never put in place and so the pyramid was less tempting to later tomb robbers but it also made it easier to quarry stone from the monument (with the first stones being quarried as early as the First Intermediate…
Pyramid of Amenemhet III also known as the Black Pyramid is located at Dahshur near Bent Pyramid, the pyramid was destroyed according to some cracks appeared in the walls, the corridor and chamber, The pyramid was originally about 75 meters tall with a base 105 meters long and an incline of 57°, It was one of the most visited sites of the ancient World. Herodotus visited the pyramid during the 5th century B.C, according to his description: The pyramid of…
  The Pyramid of Mycerinus is markedly smaller than the other two main Pyramids of Giza, The pyramid was not complete when Menkaure' died. Shepseskaf, who was Menkaure's son, finished the pyramid, This is the third pyramid of the Giza group, the original height of 66 meters, has now been reduced to 62, the square base measures 108.5 meters per side and the slope of the sides is 51◦.Feast your eyes with the panoramic view of Mycerinus Pyramid, in 1500…
  The necropolis of New Kingdom is located at Saqqara and dates back to early dynastic times. It is lies to the south of the complex of king Djoser and to the east of the complex of Sekhemkhet, This tomb was built by Horemheb before he ascended the throne after Tutankhamun's death. Tomb of king Horemheb: Horemheb's tomb was constructed when its owner was Generalissimo of the Egyptian armies, it was constructed in three phases, probably reflecting the rise of…
  Memphis City is located 20 KM south of Cairo, on the west bank of the Nile River, During the Old Kingdom, it served as the nation's capital and it held the kings' primary residence. The end of the Old Kingdom by no means meant the end of Memphis as one of the most important cities in Egypt. Now the current cities (Mit Rahina, Dahshur, Saqqara, Abusir, Abu Gorab, and Zawyet el Aryan), were in the borders of ancient Memphis.Memphis
  Meidum Pyramid is one of the amazing and mysterious landmarks of Egypt but unfortunately is one of the fascinating forgotten sites in Egypt, is located 65 KM south of Saqqara, Built by the pharaoh Snefru, the Father of Khufu, He built as the same style of a Step Pyramid, King Huni start to built it but actually left it unfinished, and his successor, King Snefru, finished the building for him, therefore latter generations thought it was the work of…
  The Mastaba of Mereruka dates from the 6th Dynasty, its substructure is similar to a palace, has 32 rooms in total, 21 for Mereruka, 6 for his wife Water-Khet-Hor. Mereruka served during the sixth dynasty of Egypt as one of Egypt's most powerful officials at a time when the influence of local state noblemen was increasing in wealth and power. There are also scenes of taxmen and punishment of cheaters, scenes of entertainment. The scenes of sailing and the…
  At Giza Plateau lies Pyramids of Giza is the must-see Ancient Egyptian landmark, feast your eyes with one of the most attractive places in the world, the historical pyramids were built during a frenetic period of construction, from roughly 2550 to 2490 B.C, the great Pyramid known as Khufu or Cheops is the largest pyramid in the world, it height approximately 146.5 meters, second on is Chephren and the smallest one is Mycerinus.The construction of the Pyramids began around…

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