Khafre Pyramid (Chephren Pyramid)

Pyramid of Chephren

Gaze upon the amazement of Chephren Pyramid while you scout around the mysterious parts of Giza Plateau, The second pyramid at Giza, built by Khafre, it has the most completely preserved pyramid complex of the Giza group, sometimes appears to be the largest of the three great Pyramids of the Giza Plateau. However, originally it was some three meters lower than its neighboring pyramid belonging to Khafre's father, Khufu. The only similarity to his father's Pyramid is the entrance in the same, north facing side.

Be witness on the glory of Chephren Pyramid which weight around 4,880,000 tons and high around 136.5 meters, Khafre had meant his pyramid to be completely sheathed in blocks of granite, but his death cut short the work, a third of the sheathing is still visible, There is no evidence that anyone was ever buried in the main chamber. No inscriptions have been found in the pyramid except some sarcophagus in the main chamber. There are two entrances that lead into the pyramid which are placed one directly above the other. The upper entrance is used for entrance now.

Explore the chamber insider the pyramid which takes the same angle to take the weight of the pyramid of Chephren, unleash your inner adventure while discover the lower corridor which is directly under the upper corridor. This lower corridor once contained a portcullis, which could be let down to prevent entry, all traces of a pyramid built for a queen, south of Khafre`s, have long disappeared, the blocks which were used to face it were stolen in the middle ages.