The Great Sphinx


The Great sphinx

Be amazed with the glory of the Sphinx, the sphinx is located on the north and below pyramids, although the date of its constructions is uncertain, the head of the sphinx is believed to be that of the Pharaoh Khafra, When was it built, for what purpose, which pharaoh does it represent, and who broke the nose? Any answer is a matter of conjecture. Egyptologists have not found any conclusive evidence. No matter. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a wonder to behold. Among the Egyptians sphinx were placed at the entrance of temples to guard the mysteries.

The Sphinx is a limestone Statue of a reclining. It is consider an attractive landmarks of ancient Egyptian, stare at the amazement of 2.000 limestone blocks, As a reference to the Greet mythological beast with a lion’s body, a woman’s head and the wings of an eagle (although, like most Egyptian sphinxes, the Great Sphinx has a man's head and no wings), It has stirred the imagination of poets, scholars, adventurers and tourists for centuries and has also inspired a wealth of speculation about its age, its meaning, and the secrets that it might hold.