Khufu Pyramid (Cheops Pyramid)


The Great Pyramid of Cheops

Amuse yourself while explore the Great Pyramid of Cheops, which consider oldest, largest and finest pyramid in the world, it built by Khufu son of Snefru, some archaeologists notify that pyramid it take around thirty years to built and around 100,000 slave, it established from rock limestone around 2,300,000 about 6,000,000 ton at weight, nearly was consider the tallest man made structure in the world and the still remaining of old seven wonders.

The Great Pyramid of Cheops was built at 2560 B.C, This pyramid has attracted great interest since earliest times, it was probably entered and robbed at the fall of the old kingdom, during the time of weakness and unrest called the first intermediate period, not much is known about Cheops (Khufu). The tomb had been robbed long before archaeologists came upon it. He was buried alone in this massive tomb. His wives may have been buried nearby in smaller mastabas.

The Great Pyramid of Cheops wasn’t the first pyramid built, but it be popular due to the fame and glory of its size and was marked as one of the most remarkable structures built, feast your eyes with the amazement of Cheops Pyramid, The original access to the pyramid is blocked and entrance is now through the one the tomb robbers dug, the mortuary temple east of the pyramid was joined by the avenue to the so called valley temple, where the purification and mummification ceremonies took place.