Menkaure Pyramid (Mycerinus Pyramid)



The Pyramid of Mycerinus is markedly smaller than the other two main Pyramids of Giza, The pyramid was not complete when Menkaure' died. Shepseskaf, who was Menkaure's son, finished the pyramid, This is the third pyramid of the Giza group, the original height of 66 meters, has now been reduced to 62, the square base measures 108.5 meters per side and the slope of the sides is 51◦.

Feast your eyes with the panoramic view of Mycerinus Pyramid, in 1500 it still had its granite facing which is now almost completely disappeared, Menkaure burial chamber was the lower chamber. The walls were lined with granite and below the pyramid's foundation; Menkaure's construct had to have a very well prepared rock subsurface, particularly around the northeast corner.

Scout around the most gleaming finds of the substructure of Mycerinus pyramid which underwent significant changes, on the south side are three other small pyramids, less than 10 meters high, perhaps the one on the east was meant for the queen Kharmernehty ll, Mycerinus wife. In 1930 a collection of statues of Mycerinus (also called Menkaure) temple and most of these are now in the Egyptian museum of Cairo.