New Kingdom Necropolis


New Kingdom Necropolis

The necropolis of New Kingdom is located at Saqqara and dates back to early dynastic times. It is lies to the south of the complex of king Djoser and to the east of the complex of Sekhemkhet, This tomb was built by Horemheb before he ascended the throne after Tutankhamun's death.

Tomb of king Horemheb:

Horemheb's tomb was constructed when its owner was Generalissimo of the Egyptian armies, it was constructed in three phases, probably reflecting the rise of Horemheb´s power, Horemheb started the construction of a new tomb in the Theban Valley of the Kings. His old tomb at Saqqara was used for the burial of his queen, Mutnodjmet. It was discovered by art robbers at the beginning of the 19th century.

The superstructure of the tomb of Horemheb is about 65 m long and 20 m wide, the excavators found tomb of Horemheb in 1975. It was like many tombs at Memphis, It is consists of a first pylon, forecourt, second pylon, outer courtyard, statue room flanked by two storerooms, inner courtyard, and three offering-chapels (the central one originally with a small pyramid on the roof).

Tomb of Maya and Merit:

Maya was overseer of the treasury and works during the king Tutankhamun, This tomb was discovered in 1987 at Saqqara, At Tutankhamun's death, Maya was responsible for the royal burial, which contained objects inscribed with his name, It lies parallel to Horemheb 's and Tia 's monuments and is almost 44 m long and 16.5 m wide, Most of the scenes have been destroyed, both by ancient tomb robbers and by modern (19th century) stone hunters, blocks from the inner courtyard were used at the Monastery of Jeremiah.

Tomb of Ramose:

Ramose was a contemporary of Horemheb and held the title Troop commander and Deputy of the Army, he owed the privilege to be buried next to his master to this trusted position, Originally the tomb consisted of an outer court, thereafter an inner court with a shaft to the lower gallery, All walls are built in mud brick, there are no pylons but instead the gateways have westward returns for the walls to appear thicker.

Tomb of Tia and Tia:

Tia the man was Overseer of the Treasury under King Ramses II and Tia the woman was sister of Ramses II, The position of the tomb is significant: it was constructed on the north side alongside Horemheb's monument, because the latter was regarded as the founding father of the ruling Dynasty, In the west wall of this courtyard is the entrance, a deep shaft, to the burial chambers below, The inner wall-faces have limestone reliefs of rather bad quality. Many bad patches were repaired in gypsum, with the positive result that a lot of original color has survived.


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