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 Giza Platue


Discover our Holidays in Egypt and join one of our packages, have an amazing spiritual experience with our meditation tours and fascinate your soul, you can also try our Holy Land Tours to explore a different type of culture, and if you’re looking for a new adventure our Safari desert packages will be perfect for you.   

Enjoy our Spiritual Meditation Package and explore more about ancient Egypt places in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. In our Holidays in Egypt starting with  Giza, as it’s considered the front Chakra,  start with meditation at the Sphinx Then move towards the great Pyramids enjoy private meditation at the King Chamber of Cheops Pyramid, it's known as the Crown Chakra continuing with Chephren and Mykerinus after that you can head to panorama area to take memorable photos with the three pyramids , After that head to the Egyptian museum, one of the most famous museums in the world, then you can see  Citadel of Salah El-Dein, Alabaster Mosque, and also The Hanging Church, Abu Serga Church  in  Old Cairo. Aswan is considered the origin Chakra, take your Nile Cruise to start your Spiritual Meditation Tours in our Holidays in Egypt amuse your soul and see The High dam, Unfinished obelisk, Philae temple, belongs to Isis and Hathor goddesses, moving to Luxor you can explore in its west Bank Valley of Kings, Then The Temple of queen Hatshepsut, and finally the great Colossi Memnon.

Join our Holidays in Egypt to have a magnificent Holy Tours in Egypt to Cairo, moving to Alexandria where you can visit Daniel Nabi, Lukman El Hakeem, Morsi Abu Abbas Mosque, Saad Zaghloul Square, Also go to  Saint Catherine to explore the Christian history in Egypt, don't forget to pass by Moses Eyes, and then to the seven daughters Monastery on your way, have a great  adventure while climbing Moses mountain, enjoy the beautiful scene of sun rising over Sinai Mountains,  then come down to explore the beautiful  Saint Catherine Monastery, passing by Room of the Skulls, and finally don't miss the chance to see the famous burning bush.

Have an unforgettable adventure in Egypt Desert Safari in our Holidays in Egypt and visit Luxor Kharga and Dakhla Oases,   Bahariya Oasis, White and Black Dessert, and Siwa Oasis. While your tour to Luxor start with Kharga Oasis to visit the Museum of Kharga, Next tour to El Bagawat Cemetery, then Head to Temple of Hibis, and finally the remote Roman village of Qasr El Labakha, After that head to Dakhla Oasis to see the hot spring, the Old Covered City, the courthouse with its dwelling chambers, Ending with Deir El Haggar. In Bahariya Oasis you can visit the nobles Tombs, museum of the Golden Mummies, then to  Ain El-Mephtella, then drive to the black desert to see  the magnificent crystal mountain, the desert roses and the arch, After that head to the white desert see the formations, the wind carved sculptures that sympathize  both human and animal face, then watch the formations that resemble the surface of a different planet, Also in Sinai where the old Siwan village of Shali, then relax at the hot spring of Bir Wahid, then discover the magical Spring of Cleopatra, then to the Mountain of the Dead, next tour to Alexander The Great Temple which is known as Oracle Temple all of that and more adventures in our Holidays in Egypt


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