Bahariya Oasis Attractions

Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis

Bahariya Oasis is located on the western desert, its heaven on earth according to it geologic landscapes which surrounded by White and black hills made of quartz. Encounter large number of ruins dates back to Ptolemaic ear like Alexander the Great Temple, stare at the amazement of Golden mummies, walkthrough the glory of Bawiti Museum, then head out towards Black Desert which have earned Bahariya a high rank on the tourist map of Egypt.

For adventure seekers, Bahariya Oasis offers large duns to practice sand boarding, then amuse your eyes with the gleaming sites of Graeco-Roman sites including the Tomb of Banentiu, explore the Bedouins lifestyle, experience wildlife of Egyptian Desert, or relax in the hot waters of the Bir Sigam hot spring. Your options in Bahariya are wider than you can imagine.

Unleash your inner adventure when you scout the gleaming finds of Bahariya Oasis, which is one of the flourishing places in Egypt according to its history, accommodation and primitive life, feel ravishing while combine culture with fascinating landscapes and get the chance to explore Bahariya and White Desert, Stare at the amazement of Temple of Alexander the great, walkthrough Nobles Tombs and more.

  Valley of the Mummies is considering the newest archaeological site was founded at Bahariya Oasis, an antiquities guard was riding his donkey. The leg of the donkey fell down and a hole was discovered because of this event, A team of Egyptian archeologist camp 6 kilometers away from Bahariya and start excavation project, they found four tombs only and found 105 mummies inside of them. The mummies are in good condition which shows the richness of the people in…
  The Tomb of Bannantiu is located in el Bawiti city at el Bahariya Oasis, Bannantiu means the soul of those who have not, it consists of a big hall with four columns, the burial chamber and side chambers that were re-used in the Roman era, be witness with The layout of his tomb is somewhat interesting, with a square shaft cut into the sandstone leading vertically down about eighteen feet to a hall constructed very near the style of…
  On the road from Bahariya Oasis to Farafra Oasis be witness on the glory of The White Desert; get the chance before reach the desert scout around the most gleaming finds of Crystal Mountain which is a fascinating twinkling gem, feast your eyes when the sunshine gazed upon the stones and diamonds lobes, The quantity of unearthly and beautiful wind-carved rock formations shaped in the form of giant mushrooms or pebbles is unequalled in any desert in the world.The…
  Egyptian desert it is full of ancient landmarks, when you visit Bahariya Oasis get the chance to scout around the most gleaming finds of it, one of its major sightseeing is the temple and chapels of Ain el Muftella, which located 3 Kilometers west at the road link between Bahariya and Siwa Oasis, the site consists of four chapels, The temple of Ain el Muftella belonged to the city of Psobthis which was located between the temple of Ain…
  Keen to scout around the most fascinating parts of Black Desert when you visit Egyptian Oasis, which consider a geological phenomena, A little to the North of the White Desert, the Black Desert is closer to Bahariya than Farafra; approximately 50 km to the South of Bawiti, it is a configurations of black hills and rocks stands as a compelling evidence of volcanic activity for the region in ancient geological ages, that’s why the region is called by its…
    Feast your eyes with the amazement of Temple of Bes; Bes is the most mysterious god at ancient Egyptian, which was the god for fun, joy, sex and pleasurable, By the Greco-Roman Period, his appearance became more menacing, and he was often shown with knives and swords and thus took on the role of protector in warfare against evil forces.Stare at the magnificent of Temple of Bes, This temple dates from the Greek period, but there is evidence…

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Egyptian cities are very safe in general, especially at the areas where tourists are visiting frequently, as tourist sites are far from episodes have occurred and it was not affected, even during protests happened after the Egyptian Revolution in 2011 Most of our clients arrived during these periods mentioned how it was safe during their trip to Egypt.

Traveler must have a valid passport for at least six months, You can apply for a tourist visa at any Egyptian embassy in your country before your arrival. If traveler citizen of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Korea, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia, the Ukraine, a country that is part of the Russian Federation, or a country that is a member of the European Union, he can apply for a visa upon arrival at the Egyptian airport, it will cost him $25 or the equivalent amount, and visa will be valid for 30 days.

For sure you can visit Egypt and Jordan, where you can explore fascinating Egypt and Jordan and more with Ibis Egypt tours.

If you have a visa for Sinai, it will allow you to visit any destination in Sinai, but if you want to visit Cairo, Luxor or Aswan you can obtain Visa according to rules at questions number One.

Yes, there are direct flights from the United States to Cairo organized by Egypt Air, where you can find a flight from New York, the JFK Airport, direct to Cairo five times a week. it takes approximately 12 hours. There is flights belongs to Egypt Air as well flies from Los Angles directly to Cairo, it takes approx. 17 hours, However tourists arriving from U.S.A prefer to make transit either in Paris, North Africa ( They prefer to stop in morocco ), or London.

Because of the cheap price of the airline tickets, clients prefer airlines, but the only exception for this client arriving from Jordan via Aqaba Port, as they are crossing by ferry boat from Aqaba Harbor to Nuweiba, but the ships were coming to Egyptian Mediterranean harbors from Cyprus or Greece, is not working nowadays. On the other hand you can find a variety of cruises coming to Egypt’s Mediterranean and the Red Sea Ports, it is stopping at the different harbors for one or two days, and Ibis Egypt tours will be more than happy to offer day trips to Egypt and Jordan for clients wanted to enjoy tours to Egypt or Jordan, and clients can obtain visa at the Egyptian ports, kindly open this link, it contains different Egyptian Shore Excursions trips for clients who intend to ride an international cruise will stop at the Egyptian ports or Jordan port.

We recommend for you to Purchase Cigarettes and Alcohol upon your arrival to Egypt, where you will find duty free shops at Egypt’s airports, at Cairo, Hurghada, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, and El Gouna, you will be allowed to purchase 200 cigarettes and 03 liters of alcohol upon arrival.

All travelers arriving to Egypt have 48 Hours to buy cigarettes or alcohol from any duty-free shop either located at Egypt’s airports, or from other locations located in Cairo or from hotels in El Gouna or Hurghada or Sharm El-sheikh, the traveler can purchase 200 cigarettes and 03 liters of Alcohol.

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