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   It is your chance to arrange your spare time to Travel to Egypt enjoying the pure atmosphere through Cairo, Alexandria City, Dahab, and Nuweiba. Try a new experience with Ibis Egypt Tours to have fun and fill your soul with the beauty of Egypt. Entertain with the selected itinerary that you like it among Safari desert, budget tours, Classic tours, Spiritual tours and Red Sea tours and many places are waiting for you.

   Explore one of the world’s most extraordinary settings, Travel to Egypt and enjoy Red Sea Tours, from Sharm El Sheikh arriving to Ras Mohammed National Park and Protected Area, ride your boat for dazzling snorkeling trip through Red Sea tours, start sailing among coral area for snorkeling, swimming is available as well, watch the most gloriously rich coral reefs that you will ever see, entertain with the under magical world of the Red Sea then back to the dock, for many visitors, Ras Mohammed’s most stunning scenery is found under water, in the broad, terraced coral reefs that encircle the peninsula. Next day, you will arrive at St. Catherine Monastery, passing by Room of the skulls, continue visiting the famous burning bush, then watch Napoleon Wall and Moses Wall. Another exciting day, drive to Nuweiba to the Colored Canyon, explore it including its beautiful colors while traveling through memorable desert scenery and steep-sided valleys of granite and sandstone, hike among the rocky mountains, enjoy many colors reflected by the Sunlight. At the end you will be in Cairo, visit Pyramids of Giza, Panorama area, the Sphinx, the Valley Temple and have a nice time here in Egypt.

   Entertain your soul with Ibis Egypt Tours, Travel to Egypt and have a fabulous time through budget Packages, start your tour by visiting Pyramids of Giza then move to Panorama area enjoying with marvelous photos, next move to the Sphinx, visit the Valley Temple, continue your tour by seeing the Egyptian Museum, next round to Old Cairo including visits to the various Churches there. Ibis Egypt Tours will scout you to your Nile Cruise arriving in Aswan, explore the priceless High Dam, head towards The Unfinished Obelisk. Next Day, Sail towards Edfu, head out to visit The Temple of Horus in Edfu, sail towards Esna. Another amazing day, fascinate our eyes while sailing to Kom Ombo, pay a visit to the Temple shared by Sobek, Haroeris, and the crocodile god, near Kom Ombo you can go on a visit to camel market held every Tuesday in Draw. Following this day, walk through Valley of the queens, head out towards the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, and visit the glorious Colossi of Memnon. Next day, you will visit Karnak Temple and visit Luxor Temple from outside as panoramic tour.

    Did you try a new adventure before with Egypt Desert Safari? let’s invite you as Ibis Egypt Tours to Travel to Egypt as soon as possible and enjoy with an amazing atmosphere in Cairo and Alexandria. Another amazed day, drive to explore Museum of the World War II, enjoy watching the war memorial, after that arrive at Siwa Oasis, Once you arrive there, you will discover the hidden secrets of the Egyptian Safari, discover the Old Siwan Village of Shali, Siwa remains one of the best places to buy jewellery, rugs, baskets and traditional robes and headdresses decorated with antique coins. Next Day, try different experience for a tour around the city by Donkey drawn-car, then proceed to the Great Sand Sea, have some rest in the hot spring of Bir Wahid. Don’t miss the Spring of Cleopatra and then move to the Mountain of the Dead, next tour to Alexandar the Great Temple (as known Oracle Temple).

There are many types of Travel to Egypt like:
Egypt Short breaks.
Egypt classic Tours.
Egypt Holy Land Tours.
Egypt Honeymoon packages.

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