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Mortuary temple of metuhote


   Discover Egypt in an amusing tour that you will never forget with Ibis Egypt Tours, join our Cairo excursions and manage to meet many wonderful attractions, or you can join our tours to Luxor to find a new level of glory during your visit to the best sightseeing in both the East and West Banks, you can try to amuse your eyes with the gleaming of the Nile River view with our Aswan excursions as well, also try to have a break from the stress of work and live while enjoying the beauty of the Red Sea with our Sharm El-Sheikh day tours, or you can find both the gleaming of the Mediterranean Sea and the greatness of many historical places in the spectacular Alexandria City.

  Start your day tour in Cairo and have the chance to Discover Egypt best Landmarks, start your excursion with a visit to the great Pyramids of Giza that named by the great Three Kings Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus, you can have try an optional excursion inside any of the three Pyramids if you’d like to have additional adventure, you can also head to take exceptional photos at Panorama area to make these moments memorable, also stare at the massive Sphinx that is an exceptional sculpture combines a head of a human and a body of a lion, your next move will be towards the Valley Temple, after that head to scout the Egyptian Museum that is one of the most famous museums in the world, enjoy discovering many Pharaonic monuments, moreover the gold treasures and jewelries that was founded in Tut Ankh-Amun tomb, you can also have an optional tour inside the mummies room upon your request, after that move to have an amusing excursion in the famous market of Khan El-Khalili, then at nigh be ready to Discover Egypt History in the fascinating Pyramid Sound and Light Show.

  Enjoy your excursion in Aswan with Ibis Egypt Tours, and get to relax while watching the magical beauty of the Nile River, scout one of the biggest projects built in modern Egypt History the High Dam, it was built in the first place to protect our country from the danger of the Nile River flood and drought, and it also used to generate electricity, after that move to stare at the Unfinished Obelisk which a unique of its kind monument, then continue your tour and head to scout the temple of Philae that belongs to the two Pharaonic goddesses Isis and Hathor, this temple name means in Greek “beloved, also the word Philae has an Arabic meaning says “Anas El-Wogoud”, you can also manage to chill out in another tour to enjoy an amusing Felucca Ride, start your tour and sail around Elephantine Island, continue sailing while enjoying the gleaming of the Nile River View and scout Botanical Gardens, also get to pass by Agha khan Mausoleum the glamorous way.

  Join our Sharm El-Sheikh excursion and manage to Discover Egypt beauty and relax at the same time, feel the pureness of the Red sea and enjoy the sandy beaches and the sunny perfect weather, start your tour to Ras Mohammed the gleaming National Park, try many water activities such as swimming and snorkeling and get to explore the magical underwater world that is full of dazzling coral reefs and various kinds of colorful fish, you can also have another tour in Tiran Island and watch the Golf of Aqaba while you’re sailing, after that enjoy snorkeling at blue Laguna the famous snorkeling site.



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