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Prepare for yourself for wonderful journey to Egypt with Egypt Holiday Packages. You will find all kind of tours in our packages first Egypt classic tours in this package you will visit the most attractive places in Egypt like Pyramids, museums and temples to have fun and knowledge about ancient Egypt. You will find the holy land tours if you love to know more about the Islamic religion try to visit the Islamic places in Egypt like mosques and citadels and much more. Try the red sea tour by going to Sharm el Sharm El Sheikh to get your relaxation time on the beach with the magnificent view the activates there like diving, swimming, and fishing. You will find Egypt short breaks to find a journey in Egypt in a short time like visiting Egyptian museum, pyramids, the great sphinx and many temples in Luxor and Aswan.

  Start you Egypt Short tours with Egypt Holiday Packages, make a journey around the great country Egypt in short time by visiting the most glamorous places in it, first the pyramids and the great sphinx then visit the Egyptian museum it’s one of the most famous museums in the world it established at 1902 and contains about 120,000 items of statues and papyrus and many antiquities, you can continue your tour by visit the red sea cities you have Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and Marsa Alam, Marsa Alam Is a magnificent city you can visit to relax and spend your time in front of the red sea and make all the activities there like diving, swimming, snorkeling and fishing and you can visit the reserves there and many more places.

   Get ready and try the Egypt budget tours with Egypt Holiday Packages, start your journey with the beautiful pyramids and the great sphinx then visit the valley temple to see the history of Egypt pyramids is one of the great tourist attractions in Egypt after you finish your tour in pyramids Heading to Egyptian museum the greatest museum in Egypt and one of the famous museums in the world it has a great collection of relics and many important pieces of ancient Egyptian history and statues of Pharaohs like ( king Chephren), ( kingCheops), and (Thutmose III). The last place you visit is Luxor the city of the sun to visit the greatest temples in it such as (Karnak Temple), (Luxor Temple)  to know about the history of ancient Egyptians and their life, then you can visit the famous places there like valley of the kings, valley of the queens and many more magnificent places.

    Spend your best honeymoon with our Egypt Holiday Packages, if you take the decision that you spend your honeymoon in Egypt you will never regret it. Start your tour in the three pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus, then move to panorama area to watch the great collection of photos of the pyramids and the kings of ancient Egypt, then visit the great sphinx and the valley temple to learn and hear the stories of the ancient Egypt. Continue your tour heading to Pharaonic village to see how they lived and try a great experience after your tours in Cairo move to Sharm el-Sheikh there is many activities in Sharm El Sheikh you can do you can take cruise in the red sea and diving to see the world underwater and the magnificent view and all types of fish and you can make desert safari at the heart of Sinai from Sharm El Sheikh.

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