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Hathsepsut Temple 2 

  Spend an amazing day tour and enjoy your vacation to the maximum level with Ibis Egypt Tours, Discover Egypt Best Sightseeing during your tour in the capital of Egypt Cairo City, you can also amuse yourself and have a perfect tour in Hurghada to enjoy the unforgettable view of the Red Sea, you can also have a new adventure with our Luxor day tours to reveal the secrets of the Pharaonic monuments, you can also have a gleaming time during your day tour in the beautiful Aswan City, or you can also join our Alexandria Tours where you will stare at the magical Mediterranean Sea and scout many glorious places.

  Amuse your eyes with the exceptional view of the Mediterranean Sea during your day tour in Alexandria, this glamorous City has many names, but the most common one is “the Bride of the Mediterranean Sea”, start your tour with an exceptional Landmark the famous Alexandria Library with over 8 million books, also considers one of the biggest libraries in the whole world, continue your tour and have an exciting tour in the traditional market to Discover Egypt Lifestyle, after that be ready for a new experience and embrace the Islamic culture during your visit to the mosque El Nabi Daniel, then head towards Abu El Abbas Mosque which is the biggest mosque in Alexandria, also don’t miss the chance  to pass by the spectacular Montazah Palace, your last point will be one of the most beautiful landmarks in Alexandria the famous bridge of Stanley.

  Have a perfect tour in Luxor City and enjoy staring at the proofs of the greatness of the ancient Egyptian civilization, Discover Egypt and start your tour with the West Bank of Luxor and manage to scout the great Valley of Kings, the Pharaohs built it in the first place to protects their treasures from the grave robbers, after that move to scout the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, with its gleaming decoration and design that makes it an important and unique Landmark, it also known as the El-Deir El-Bahary, move then to stare at massive two statues of Colossi Memnon, head to continue your tour and head towards the East bank of Luxor, scout the temple of Luxor, then get to embrace the Pharaonic glory during your visit to the biggest temple ever been built in the whole world Karnak Temple.

  Unforgettable Cairo excursion is waiting for you with Ibis Egypt tours, begin the adventures and get to Discover Egypt Best landmarks, manage to scout the famous Giza Pyramids Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, you can also have an optional tour inside any of the three pyramids for some additional excitement, after that move to have some memorable photos at Panorama area, stop to stare at the massive Sphinx as well, it’s a unique sculpture represents the power of mind in its humans head, and the strengths in its body that was built as a lions body, have a remarkable walkthrough the Valley Temple after that, then head to scout the Egyptian Museum with its huge collection of rare Pharaonic monuments that makes it one of the most famous museums in the world, also stare at the jewelries and gold treasures that belongs to King Tut Ankh-Amun, you can also have an optional tour inside the room of mummies, pass by Khan El-Khalili the famous market as well, then prepare yourself at night to be amused by the Pyramid Sound and light Show that tell the history of the ancient Egyptians with some music and fascinating light effects.


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