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    Multi Centre Holidays are waiting for you to spend a great time while exploring Egypt and Jordan in one package, have the opportunity to watch the great ancient attractions in Egypt, visit Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Sharm El Sheikh, you have the chance to watch the beauty of Jordan while your tour and visit Petra and Wadi Rum, have beat Holy Land package that gives you the chance to visit Egypt, Jordan, and Israel on the same package with Ibis Egypt Tours.

   Enjoy the opportunity to visit Egypt and Jordan with our Multi Centre Holidays, you can visit Cairo the move to explore Aswan attractions like The high Dam that protect Egypt from floods, explore Philae temple that dedicated to Isis and Hathor goddesses, after that you have to have excursion to Abu Simbel temple that dedicated to Ramses II, this magnificent temple have 4 statues in the front, you can also watch the small temple of Nefertari. Move to Luxor where you can watch the great Karnak and Luxor temple, and also discover the Valley of the kings and the great temple of Queen Hatshepsut at El-Deir El-Bahary, you can explore St. Catherine monastery, also enjoys in Sharm El Sheikh and enjoy best activities. Move to explore the great attractions of Jordan, start your tour by visiting Wadi Rum and watch the wonderful landscapes of desert, move to the majestic mountains, have beautiful time to ride horses and camels inside the desert. Amuse your eyes with Petra the Red Rose City and watch the beautiful handmade carved buildings, also ride camels and walk through the city.

    Come to Egypt and have Multi Centre Holidays and enjoy visiting Egypt and Jordan, visit Cairo and explore the attractions of Giza like the three pyramids that dates back to the old kingdom, have the opportunity to enjoy exploring sphinx that have lion’s body and human’s head, move to the great Egyptian museum, watch the best collection of antiquities, the museum has around 120,000 items for the pharaoh, watch Hatshepsut statues and explore the wooden statues of Sheikh El balad, you can watch the attractions of Alexandria in best optional tour while your holiday. After that head to Amman, start by visiting Madaba, try to explore St George's Greek Orthodox Church, move to explore Moses to know more about his history, watch the beautiful panoramic view of the dead sea, enjoy the benefits of the natural spa in the dead sea, and have experience in t he effect of the black mud on its shore. You have to explore the beauty of the Red rose City Petra.

   Get ready to explore Egypt, Jordan and Israel in Multi Centre Holidays, explore Egypt ancient attractions like Cairo and St. Catherine, after that you have to explore Petra when your arrive to Jordan, also explore Amman and enjoy the beauty of the dead sea, after that move to Israel and watch many places you can visit, explore Jaffa, and watch the modern city of Israel Tel Aviv, you have to visit Caesarea Maritima that consider the centre of early Christians, you can continue your tour to Megiddo and see the remains from Solomon’s days also you can see the archaeological excavations, see of Galilee are waiting for you to feast your eyes on it, also watch the magnificent of Golan heights, also you can watch Mount Of Beatitudes and Tabgha, you have the chance to explore Masada and watch the first century Synagogue, you can explore old Jerusalem and also watch Mount of Olives, continue to the new City of Jerusalem and also watch Ein Kareem, moreover you have to visit the Shepherd’s Field.

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