Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque


Mohammad Ali Mosque

Unleash your inner adventure while scout around one of the Cairo landmarks which is Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque, The massive proportions of this mosque dominate the southern enclosure and make it one of the most famous landmarks in Cairo. It was constructed on part of the same raised platform as the police Museum Terrace and is approached by a sloping driveway, built for Mohammed Ali`s carriage.

Feast your eyes with the ravishing structure of this temple, its dome rises up to 52 meters high and two east side minarets reach not less than 84 meters, The mosque is built of local limestone, but its lower story is covered by an 11 meter high facing of alabaster tawdry. Today, the effects of time and weather have left it discolored and pockmarked in addition, almost indistinguishable from the dusty limestone of the upper stories.

Be witness with the glory of Muhammad Ali’s Mosque, while wandering around the mosque, you will soon discover why it also holds the name of the “Alabaster Mosque.” Its interior and exterior walls are amazingly coated with alabaster to the height of 11 meters; the decoration found throughout the mosque shows the strong influence of Europe, which by the time of Muhammad Ali had come to dominate the ornamental arts of the declining Ottoman Empire. European architecture details and rococo frills are here freely adapted to the more traditional Muslim aesthetics of the geometric and the arabesque to form that strange hybrid known as Ottoman Baroque.