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Take the decision and enjoy amazing and wonderful holidays in different Countries to build wonderful memory just with ibis Egypt Tours that Offers you best Multi Centre Holidays to explore wonderful and unforgettable adventure in Egypt and Jordan to fill yourself with Culture and history of Egypt and beauty of Jordan. You have to Try our  Multi-Center Holidays Packages during amazing Egypt Holy Land Packages that Offers the Opportunity to explore Egypt, Jordan and Israel in one Package helps you to travel through different Cultures and more Ibis Egypt Tours.


Are you Looking for amazing and wonderful Packages with amazing variety of best Multi Centre Holidays, try Egypt and Jordan tours , in  Egypt , you will visit  the most attractive structure " Giza Pyramids " and The Egyptian Museum, explore Aswan Highlights Like The Unfinished Obelisk and Roman Philae Temple then explore Abu Simbel Temple of Ramses II that dates to The New Kingdom , be ready to explore Luxor site where you will visit Luxor Temple that dedicated to triad of Thebes,  Karnak Temple of Amoun-Ra .then enjoy st, Catherine Monastery tour and Spend amazing Short Vacation in Sharm El Sheikh with The Sunny and Sandy beaches , .head to Taba to Aqaba Port to explore the amazing Wadi Rum ,where you will touch the beauty of this magic Valley that Full of amazing Landscapes  then Scout to Petra the Red Rose City one of The Seven Wonders of the World where you will have unforgettable Photos in panoramic views while watching the natural charm of this beautiful handmade carved buildings


You deserve to be happy with Ibis Egypt that has the best Selection for you with amazing Multi Centre Holidays to Egypt and Jordan, explore Egypt with amazing tour to Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo,   visit Aswan attractions, explore The Unfinished Obelisk and The High Dam then sail to of Kom Ombo temple Sail to Edfu Temple of Hours then enjoy best Luxor tours to Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple that Contains 10 Pylons ,  Fly to Amman from Cairo and Start your tour with amazing visit to Madaba Sightseeing  . then enjoy visiting Mount Nebo where there is a Memorial for Musa. according to the Bible story, Moses does not ever arrive at the Promised Land but he is able to see it from a distance also they believed that this is the burial place of Moses, Enjoy The Dead Sea relaxation tour then Scout to explore beauty of Petra the Red Rose City.


  Keen to experience wonderful Multi Centre Holidays to  Egypt  ,Jordan and Isreal in best holy land Packages, scout to  Egypt attraction explore Cairo attractions and Travel to Sinai through  St, Catherine Monastery that contains The Skull Room. then start Jordan Holiday with visiting Petra the famous rock-cut architecture and enjoy amazing Amman excursion to Mount Nebo, refresh your body through The Dead Sea tour. Start your Israel Holiday with the Old Town Jaffa tour, Keen to experience the old Port City of Jaffa, experience Tel Aviv the most modern city in Israel. also you will Visit the archaeological excavations at Megiddo that including the well preserved water supply system then drive to Cana of Galilee where Jesus performed his first public miracle, enjoy boarding via a wooden boat to visit the ancient “Jesus Boat,  get ready for sailing in the Sea of Galilee as Jesus did with his disciples Start with the Mount of Beatitudes, here Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, see the beautiful Chapel  explore the ancient city of Beit She'an , continue to the Dead Sea the wonderful  Largest Spa , be a witness with amazing 2,000-year-old Olive trees that dates back Jesus time  also you will be able to pass by "Knesset" the Israel Parliament and Visit Shepherd’s Field, where an angel appeared to announce the birth of Jesus with amazing visit to the Garden Tomb where you will enjoy celebrating the resurrection and more with Multi Centre Holidays .


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