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Unleash your inner adventure while scout around the most fascinating finds and sites of the mysterious Nile River, which is consider the longest river in the world and the only main landmark which pass through all civilizations and eras, it gets its name from the Greek word “Neilos” which meaning river valley, it is about 4000 miles long, The river penetrates Egypt from south to north and divided into two branches that pours in the Mediterranean Sea, which are the…
  Each attractive place should have a mystery around it, but Baron Empain Palace has a lot of mysterious, some of them maybe fake and other they witnessed by local neighbors, Voices in the dead of night, furniture moving from room to room, and mirrors stained with blood, These disturbing phenomena, and more besides, The Barons Hindu Palace remains the subject of countless legend. From time to time new rumors spread about this palace which has been deserted for many…
  One of the fascinating lesser known landmarks of Cairo is Muhammad Ali Pasha palace. Muhammad Ali, the founder of modern Egypt, choose a isolated palace or an official residence away from the Citadel in the district called Shubra, the construction of the palace began in 1808 and it was completed in 1809, The palace of Mohammad Ali or Shubra Palace is distinguished by its style of decoration that mixes between the Islamic style of decoration and the European one.Mohammed…
  Plenty of lesser known places to explore in Egypt, one of the most fascinating is Manial Palace, amuse your eyes with the flourishing design, decoration and the location of that palace over the Nile River, It occupies a large walled plot of land on Roda Island, which is just about a half-mile south of the tip of Zamalek, The Manial Palace Museum is one of the most beautiful and the most important historical museums it reflects an important period…
  Scout around the most gleaming finds of El-Manasterly Palace at Al Manial, This 19th century structure was actually the Selamlik section of a much larger complex that included a Haramlik and its adjoining garden. The palace itself was built by Hassan Fouad El Manasterly Pasha circa 1851. In 2002, the palace was turned into an International Music Centre in which musicians from all around the world would come to perform, houses both the Nilometer as well as the Umm…
  Keen when you visit Egypt to feast your eyes with the gleaming view of Cairo over the highest point at Cairo Tower, which lies at Gezira Island, it was designed and built by Naoum Shebib at 1961, t is built in the shape of the most important plant in the lives of the ancient Egyptians, the lotus, as a demonstration of the old Egyptian civilization.Cairo height it is around 184m, and consists of 16 floor, each floor provide a…
  Feel ravishing while explore the flourishing finds of the main performing arts venue in the Egyptian capital which is Cairo Opera House, From Verdi’s “Aida” to medleys on Oum Kalthoum music to Orff’s “Carmina Burana” to pop concerts by local bands, the Cairo Opera has risen like a true phoenix from the ashes, as if Cairo Opera House is a stereo, usually turn on.Cairo Opera House is located on gezira island, the Opera House is a gem of postmodern…
  Unleash your inner of relaxation while walkthrough the green landscaped gardens of Al-Azhar Park and stare at the panoramic view of Cairo minarets and Citadel of Salah Al-Din, Al Azhar Park was created on an area of 30 hectares in 1984, by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, The project was designed with an amount of $ 30 million, the park is also home to the newly discovered Ayyubid wall, constructed by Salah El Din more than 800 years…
Abdeen Palace is consider the most famous palace in Egypt, according to number of events it had been through the history, Abdeen Palace was built in 1863 on a 25-feddan area by Egyptian, Italian, French and Turkish architects. In 1872 the lush and luxurious palace became the seat of the government; feast your eyes with its rare historical masterpiece, which led to making it a museum reflecting the important events since the royal era until the revolution of July 1952.…

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Questions and Answers related to Egypt Tour Packages.

Egyptian cities are very safe in general, especially at the areas where tourists are visiting frequently, as tourist sites are far from episodes have occurred and it was not affected, even during protests happened after the Egyptian Revolution in 2011 Most of our clients arrived during these periods mentioned how it was safe during their trip to Egypt.

Traveler must have a valid passport for at least six months, You can apply for a tourist visa at any Egyptian embassy in your country before your arrival. If traveler citizen of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Korea, Croatia, Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia, the Ukraine, a country that is part of the Russian Federation, or a country that is a member of the European Union, he can apply for a visa upon arrival at the Egyptian airport, it will cost him $25 or the equivalent amount, and visa will be valid for 30 days.

For sure you can visit Egypt and Jordan, where you can explore fascinating Egypt and Jordan and more with Ibis Egypt tours.

If you have a visa for Sinai, it will allow you to visit any destination in Sinai, but if you want to visit Cairo, Luxor or Aswan you can obtain Visa according to rules at questions number One.

Yes, there are direct flights from the United States to Cairo organized by Egypt Air, where you can find a flight from New York, the JFK Airport, direct to Cairo five times a week. it takes approximately 12 hours. There is flights belongs to Egypt Air as well flies from Los Angles directly to Cairo, it takes approx. 17 hours, However tourists arriving from U.S.A prefer to make transit either in Paris, North Africa ( They prefer to stop in morocco ), or London.

Because of the cheap price of the airline tickets, clients prefer airlines, but the only exception for this client arriving from Jordan via Aqaba Port, as they are crossing by ferry boat from Aqaba Harbor to Nuweiba, but the ships were coming to Egyptian Mediterranean harbors from Cyprus or Greece, is not working nowadays. On the other hand you can find a variety of cruises coming to Egypt’s Mediterranean and the Red Sea Ports, it is stopping at the different harbors for one or two days, and Ibis Egypt tours will be more than happy to offer day trips to Egypt and Jordan for clients wanted to enjoy tours to Egypt or Jordan, and clients can obtain visa at the Egyptian ports, kindly open this link, it contains different Egyptian Shore Excursions trips for clients who intend to ride an international cruise will stop at the Egyptian ports or Jordan port.

We recommend for you to Purchase Cigarettes and Alcohol upon your arrival to Egypt, where you will find duty free shops at Egypt’s airports, at Cairo, Hurghada, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, and El Gouna, you will be allowed to purchase 200 cigarettes and 03 liters of alcohol upon arrival.

All travelers arriving to Egypt have 48 Hours to buy cigarettes or alcohol from any duty-free shop either located at Egypt’s airports, or from other locations located in Cairo or from hotels in El Gouna or Hurghada or Sharm El-sheikh, the traveler can purchase 200 cigarettes and 03 liters of Alcohol.

Deposit required for your holiday is 25% of the total holiday cost, except at the peak periods “ Christmas, New Year and Easter “ deposit will be 50% of the total price. and you can pay the deposit by credit card ( Visa or Master Card ) or by bank wire transfer to Ibis Egypt tours bank account.

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Yes for sure Ibis Egypt tours offering special prices for private groups. We are offering discounts starting from 10% and more, depending on the nature and length of the trip. For groups more than 15 people, we will offer you one person in double free of charge from the group.

Ibis Egypt tours has good deals with all hotels all over Egypt, which makes our prices competitive, another thing you’ll notice is the inclusions. While we don’t include everything, we do throw in the major highlights of a destination, the things that everyone goes to see, on the other hand, we leave many other activities as options, to provide you the freedom and flexibility to choose what you want to do on a daily basis.

A charge of 3% will be paid as bank fees for payments made by credit card, No additional charges will be applied.

As Per our terms and conditions, Ibis Egypt tours refund depends on how far in advance we are notified about the cancellation, Except Shore Excursions day trips booking you will refund whatever amount you have paid in advance in case of force majeure.

Ibis Egypt tours is glad to offer a discount for clients wanted to pay the total amount of their tour in advance, However, If you paid the total amount of your tour six months before arrival, we will be more than happy to offer 5% discount for your trip.

You should book your tour maximum one week before your arrival. On the other hand during peak periods “ Christmas and New Year’s, Easter “ earlier is much better to secure space for your holiday before arrival.

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