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Kom Ombo Temple 3

    Try to Discover Egypt by our great tour around it with Egypt Holiday Packages, you will find what you like in our packages like Egypt desert safari, make safari journey in Egypt like visiting (Dakhla oasis) and (Kharga oasis). And try the red sea Holidays like go to Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada to relax and try all activates there like diving and swimming. You will find Egypt budget tours without paying too much like visiting the touristic places like pyramids and museums and you can get a journey in Luxor and Aswan to visit the temples there and know about the stories of ancient Egyptian.

    Egypt has too many magnificent places to visit in Egypt Holiday Packages. Start your classic tour around Cairo by visiting the pyramids and the great sphinx and see how the pyramids look like from the inside, and continue your journey to visit the Egyptian museum to watch the agrological statues and paintings, and then take your dinner cruise in the Nile around Cairo. Time to visit Alexandria, Alexandria has too many places you can visit like (Alexandria national museum) and (Alexandria art center) and try to visit (Graeco Roman museum), Roman museum is very archaeological museum best place you can visit in Alexandria, continue your tour to visit Alexandria library you will find all kind of books in English and Arabic and French and more you will win a perfect information by visiting this place.

    After you finish your tour around Cairo and pyramids and museums, prepare for your red sea tours  with Egypt Holiday Packages in Hurghada to visit the touristic places there and visiting islands like (Giftun Islands) and (Mahmya Island) and try all the wonderful activates there like fishing and swimming and diving, you able to dive into giant aquarium to watch all types of fish and enjoy with the magnificent view underwater and take a little cruise in the red sea, and you can spend your night in the mountains with a little company and have fun with all what you need like food and drinks.

   Don’t miss the chance to explore the great places in Egypt with Egypt Holiday Packages, Try our Nile Cruise holidays, you have the Opportunity to amuse your eyes with wonderful landscapes through your Nile cruise tours through the great Nile River, take the decision to select the beginning of your Cruise from Aswan and Luxor.  Explore many places around Egypt by this Nile cruise.  You can explore Aswan landmarks such a wonderful (Roman Temple) and  (Philae Temple), after that explore the Unfinished Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut, you can Sail to Kom Ombo where you can explore the double Shared temple of Kom Ombo, then Continue Sailing to Edfu to visit Edfu Temple that consider the second huge temple after Karnak Temple, then amuse yourself to explore Luxor through you  Nile cruise journey  like Luxor Temple which belongs to the Triad of Thebes and famous with the Opet Festival, then explore Temple of Karnak of Amoun-Ra which built the New Kingdom.

    Get ready to have your desert safari tour with Egypt Holiday Packages in (Bahariya Oasis) Bahariya Oasis is located in the Western Desert in Egypt and it has too many magnificent place and wonderful mountains like the black mountain, and try to visit the White Desert to explore the desert and see many plants and spend your time there with the magnificent view and then try to valley of the golden mummies which Discovered in 1996 by Zahi Hawass and his Egyptian team it contains about two hundred fifty mummies. 


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