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Relax on this extended tours with plenty of time to enjoy all the highlights of Egypt’s favorite town places during cheap all inclusive holidays to Egypt. First will be  Cairo as  its one of the world's great megacities places, as it’s called The Mother of the World , it includes so many amazing places to enjoy , with different sorts and classes so  with cheap all inclusive holidays to Egypt So choose your preferable place to enjoy during your vacation ..If you were a lover of history we will start with Cairo as through   cheap all inclusive holidays to Egypt   you will enjoy visiting the three pyramids one of the seventh wonders around the world  .  as there you gonna explore much interesting info about the three Pharaonic kings Cheops, Chephren, Menkaure.

Then you will visit the Egyptian museum as there you will find around 120.000 original pieces from so many pharaonic eras, which will give you enthusiasm to explore more about the ancient Egyptian culture, with many of its details.Also, you could visit Memphis city that was the ancient capital of  Aneb – Hetch, the first name of lower Egypt, its ruins are located near the town of Mit Rahina that 20 km south of Giza. As well you could visit the amazing pyramid of Saqqara . as it’s the most known Step pyramid in the world, it was built during the third dynasty for the king of Djoser and it has been designated as a World Heritage Site from many Social and cultural institutions.

Also during Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt, you could visit the Khan El Khalili street as its one of the popular places in Egypt. It is characterized by the existence of bazaars, shops, and popular restaurants and is characterized by the large numbers of tourists .also it consider a source of inspiration for many Egyptian writers as the famous one Naguib Mahfouz, who wrote one of his novels that take place in the neighborhood and bear his name, "Khan al-Khalili"

If you are a true nature lover you will love so many  places in Egypt as Marsa Alam, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh , Hurghada  etc As there you will enjoy many amazing landscapes , and if you were an adventure seeker you will find so many enjoyable activities as there as snorkeling, Diving, Mountaineering, Stargazing, depending on your desire & power .

Also if you were a history lover  Ibis Egypt tours during  Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt offers you many other places to enjoy as Luxor , Aswan , Edfu & Kom Ombo which located at the south of Egypt There you will enjoy many interesting places as Karnak temple which constructed during the reign of king Senusret I in the Middle Kingdom and continued during the Ptolemaic period,Also you will visit Luxor temple complex as it’s a large ancient Egyptian temple which located on the east bank of the Nile River it was constructed approximately 1400 BC.  . In Luxor,  there are several great temples on the east and west banks as   Temple of Seti I, Temple of Hatshepsut, Temple of Ramesses II  & Temple of Ramesses III, In Aswan, you will enjoy many other interesting places as, Philae temple, Nubian Museum, Abu Simbel temple, Nubian village …. Etc

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