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Egypt has many wonderful places to visit Egypt in your holidays with ibis Egypt tours, enjoy Egypt classic tours to explore pyramids to know about ancient Egyptian and the three pyramids. And you can visit Egyptian museum, try to spend your time in the most famous cities in Egypt like Cairo, Luxor , Aswan to visit temples , There is Egypt red sea tour package if you like to spend your holiday beside the sea and try many activates in Sharm EL Sheikh or Hurghada like swimming, diving, snorkeling, try to go camping in the mountains, if you like to make a little adventure around Egypt try the Egypt desert safari in many different places like Kharga Oasis, Dakhla Oasis, and Baharia Oasis.

Get ready to visit Egypt and enjoy Classic Egypt tours, start visiting the Egyptian museum of antiquities contains more than original 120.000 masterpieces. Over 250.000 genuine artifacts are presented, including an exhibit dedicated to the Tutankhamen collection of treasure, we can explore fantastic golden mask, and jewelry, you can watch  Tutankhamen collection. Then move visit the great pyramids Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus, next explore a sphinx statue,  and visit the valley temple. Continue journey to the step pyramids of Sakkara , it is considered evolution of the pyramid from the simple Mastaba to the pyramid ,then we visit the old part of Cairo, as Egypt was one of the first countries to embrace Christianity, we visiting church of Abu Serga , and we will also visit the old Jewish, and visit the part oldest Cairo like Mohamed Ali mosques, Salah EL Den citadel .

Think about  visit Egypt ,take great idea about history in Egypt with Egypt budget tour packages Luxor , Aswan , start your tour in Luxor visit the west bank valley of the kings, Colossi of Memnon and Hatshepsut temple, the temple of EL Dir EL Bahari, which are two gigantic sitting statuses representing Amenophis III facing the Nile and visit temple of queen Hatshepsut, then visit the East bank Luxor and Karnak temple excursion to the Luxor temple to see its courtyard and the granite statues of Ramses the great proceed by carriage or bus to Karnak. the obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut. the granite scarabs of Amenophis III  and the Sacred Lake. Then move to visit Aswan city, visit the high dam, head towards the unfinished Obelisk, amuse your eyes while visiting Philae temple belongs to Isis and Hathor goddesses. While sailing Kom Ombo a visit to the temple shared by two gods Sobek and Horus.

Prepare yourself to try Egypt desert Safari packages, enjoy your holiday visit Egypt with Cairo attractions, visit the three pyramids of Giza and Egyptian museum and old part in Egypt like Mohamed Ali mosques and Salah EL Den citadel. Now going to Bahariya Oasis, then head out towards  Alexander the great temple ,the nobles tombs ,next tour to the Museum  of the Golden mummies, proceed to Ain EL Mephtella ,scout the black desert visit the crystal mountain , the desert roses and the arch ,continue driving to the white desert ,watch the formations , the wind carved sculptures that sympathize both human and animal faces ,continue driving to explore the formations that resemble the surface of a different planet .enjoy to discover the beauty of the old city of Farafra Oasis including Badr Museum it was the local artist , then drive to Dakhla Oasis by visiting the old covered city, the courthouse with its dwelling chambers ,proceed to visit Muzzawaka  , next tour to Deir EL Hagger. Then explore Kharage Oasis visit the remote Roman village of Qasr El Labakha, next tour to the Museum of Kharage, then proceed to temple of Hibis   


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