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   Prepare yourself to have best Flights to Egypt, book your ticket easily with Ibis Egypt Tours, have best flight from best international Airports around the world, and then you have to choose from our packages to spend a great time in Egypt, have short breaks to chill out from stress times, also you have to feel relaxation in best spiritual tours, also you have the chance to have adventure tours while exploring the secrets of the deserts of Egypt, also enjoy best places to play Golf like clubs and resorts.

   Flights to Egypt offers to you best packages to enjoy in short time, visit Cairo to explore the great places, enjoy watching the pyramids of Giza which consider royal tombs dates back to the old kingdom, also you have to visit the great sphinx and explore the Valley temple, then have fantastic photos to be a wonderful memory, after that move to explore the Egyptian museum that contains a big collection of treasures dedicates to Tutankhamun, watch the rooms of mummies inside the museum. Then have a tour to watch the beauty of nature in Sharm El Sheikh to have relaxation at the wonderful beaches and enjoy listening to the sound of waves, touch the real charm and beauty of the sun and sands, also you have to make best activities like diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

   Have positive energy to feel relaxation in Egypt in best spiritual tours, try Flights to Egypt and have best package to make meditation in best places in Egypt, have the chance to explore the healing energies in wonderful excursion to Cairo, Saqqara, Dahsure, Luxor, and Aswan, have relaxation and have best tours to Cairo and explore the pyramids of Giza, explore the great energy in The burial Chamber of the king in the Pyramid. Also, you have to try meditation beside the great sphinx. Refresh your body and your soul while your meditation in the seven doors of Sekhmet Temple, have the opportunity to get rid of your negative energy while you meditation in Dahab, have the chance to enjoy relaxation in the Blue Hole that is the beautiful place that has magic landscapes, also you can make best snorkeling and diving to watch the underwater beautiful world.

   Try our Flights to Egypt and have best adventures to the deserts of Egypt, visit Dakhla and Kharga Oasis, You have to explore Kharga oasis where you have to discover the Museum of Kharga, and explore El Bagawat Cemetery, after that you can move to Temple of Hibis. You have to explore the remote Roman village of Qasr El Labakha, and also visit Dakhla Oasis where you have the chance to enjoy in your camp and have different day while visiting the Old Covered City, and also visit Muzzawaka, and enjoy your next tour during visiting Deir El Haggar. Also, have best desert Safari trip to Bahariya Oasis to feast your eyes with the museum of golden mummies, also you have to visit the black and white desert to watch the beautiful crystal mountain and the formations of human and animals faces.

   Golf is a famous and fantastic game, all of the people who likes playing Golf don’t miss the opportunity to have tours to play Golf, play golf in Cairo in Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort and also you can play Golf in Luxor in Royal Valley Golf Club, during your tours you can explore the ancient Egyptian sightseeing ,also you have to play Golf in Hurghada and Sharm El Shiekh.


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