Top Places to Visit in Egypt

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Are you ready to achieve your travel  dreams in Egypt , Ibis Egypt Tours Staff will help you to explore many marvelous and famous Places to Visit in Egypt , Come to Egypt the Land of history through  best Egypt Excursions and amuse your eyes with many attraction , wonders and treasures in different Sites Scout to Cairo Sightseeing and immerse yourself with many valuable attractions in  Luxor City ,Feast your eyes with beautiful attractions in  Aswan , Explore different Culture in Alexandria City . If you are search for relaxations and beautiful Places to Visit in Egypt , you have to try Sharm El Sheikh , Hurghada , Taba , El Gouna , Dahab and Marsa Alam day tours and more Just Come with Ibis Egypt Tours .


   Do you Search for best historical Places to Visit in Egypt? Get valuable Knowledge through best Excursions in Egypt to Cairo Sightseeing, you will have the Chance to enjoy amazing tour to Giza Pyramids that dates to Old Kingdom as royal tombs for King Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus , explore Dahshur , visit Bent and Red Pyramids also you will discover  The Step Pyramid in Saqqara that belongs to King Djoser that consist of 6 steps . enjoy many Places to visit in Egypt through Cairo .explore the Egyptian Museum that Contains more than 120,000 original masterpiece for different eras , explore Canopic  Jars which was used to protect members of the body ,Tutankhamoun Treasures and Chephren Statue with Falcon .enjoy amazing tour to Cairo citadel of  Salah El Dein and enjoy amazing  visit Mohamed Ali Bash Mosque . One of the most Famous Places to Visit in Egypt Old Cairo like the Hanging Church , Ibn Serga Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue .


      Are you ready to explore Egypt through many things to do while visiting many Places to Visit in Egypt ? , Travel to Sharm El Sheikh that has many places to visit ,explore beauty of Nuweiba through a wonderful trip to Colored Canyon that contains many wonderful natural Colorful stones with many beautiful colorful colors like Orange , red and yellow, also you have the opportunity to explore Ras Mohamed National and Tiran Island to have unforgettable snorkeling tour .also through your Sharm el Sheikh day tours , you have to try St,Catherine Monastery that Consider as the most important Coptic attraction in Egypt where you will explore the burning bush and the Skull room that contains bones of the priests who served in the monastery .


   Increase your experience through wonderful Aswan Tours  to explore the most famous Places to Visit in Egypt , Travel to Aswan ( The Land of the Gold ) and be ready to explore Aswan attractions like Such Philae Temple which dedicated to Isis the Egyptian goddess and had been built during the Roman Period Where you will feast your eyes with beautiful columns , Pylon and many wonderful decorations and Scenes , then Prepare yourself to explore The great high Dam which had been built in 1960 to protect Egypt from Flood and drought . Memorize your Egypt holiday with amazing trip to explore The Unfinished Obelisk that dates to the New kingdom and ordered to built by Queen Hatshepsut, visit Hatshepsut Obelisk that Still in its Location cause the cracks appeared in the Obelisk and the workers didn't Finish the project. Also try this wonderful tour to Abu simbel , explore Abu Simbel temple tat belongs to King Ramses II through the New kingdom , explore the great temple of Abu Simbel that Contains amazing reliefs for Kadesh battle then explore the Small temple of Abu Simbel that was built by Ramses II for his wife Nefertari and more will discover through best Places to Visit in Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours .

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