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Enjoy with ibis tours, many entertaining tours in Egypt and choose your preferable one to come to Egypt, so we will show you many interesting ones.First one will be Cairo and Hurghada excursions from Red sea tour package .as you will enjoy visiting both two amazing cities , First you will enjoy visiting Hurghada , as its one of the marvelous cities of the Red sea , as there you will enjoy visiting so many protected islands and areas as Mahmya island, Giftun island, as there you will have a full interesting day in those amazing locations as you will enjoy with not having a lot of people as there you will enjoy with your activities with a quieter atmosphere,  as you will enjoy diving , snorkeling , swimming with seeing  marvelous , rare views of the imaginable coral reefs while swimming ,diving or while having your submarine as Sindbad submarine .By night you could have a great one at ALF LIELA W LEILA Hall enjoying many interesting, folkloric Egyptian shows Then you will enjoy moving  to Cairo as there you will enjoy visiting many other interesting, historical places as the three pyramids of Giza as there you will enjoy exploring a lot about the three great kings , Cheops , Chephren & Menkaure . So it will be a very entertaining adventure for you.

Up next through tours in Egypt you will enjoy the next tour as if you are one of the recently married. So it will be one of your opportunities to spend your Honeymoon  tours in Egypt and explore as in Cairo you will enjoy exploring the three pyramids beside the amazing Egyptian museum that was built during the era of Al Khedive Mohamed Ali, there you will enjoy seeing many interesting pieces and statues that return to many marvelous eras from the Pharaonic , Greek , Coptic, etc..As there you will find more than 150.000 precious piece. Not only but you will enjoy while enjoying with your tours in Egypt Also you will enjoy having a fancy Nile cruise with your partner to explore the south of Egypt as you will enjoy visiting many precious, historical cities as Aswan, Luxor, Edfu & Kom Ombo . In Aswan you will visit the incredible Philae temple as that belongs to the goddess Isis the goddess of the Moon and Motherhood for ancient pharaohs. Then you will enjoy moving to visit the amazing building of the high dam, then to the unfinished obelisk. Then you will move to visit the great temples of Edfu & Kom Ombo . After that you will enjoy with the magnificent landscapes of the Nile will moving to Luxor as there you will enjoy visiting Karnak & Luxor temples at the east bank , then enjoy moving to the west bank to visit the great temple of Queen Hatchepsut , & seeing the great statues , Colossi of Memnon it will be also an enjoyable tour for you .

Also if you looking to have a delightful short tours in Egypt you could enjoy with Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo Short Breaks as during this tour also you will enjoy exploring a lot of interesting places in Cairo as Old Cairo, where you will enjoy visiting many old religious places as the hanging church, Ben Ezra synagogue & the mosque of Amr Ibn el-As. That’s beside the famous places of the great pyramids & the Egyptian museum which will let you know a lot about the pharaonic civilization in Egypt with many of its dynasties. After that, you will enjoy moving to Sharm El Sheikh the wonderful city that you could spend in it an amazing, entertaining summer, as there you will enjoy practicing many entertaining activities as snorkeling, diving, and many other interesting ones. After that you could enjoy having some interesting time at the desert enjoying Safari till evening, after that you will enjoy spending the night with Bedouins as there you will enjoy having so delicious Bedouin barbeque dinner while listening interesting Arabian music.

So explore various amazing tours in Egypt as historical enjoying the most famous attractions of Egypt through Egypt Tour Packages also you could pick from the following tours as:  

  • Egypt Budget tours.
  • Egypt short breaks.
  • Red sea tours.
  • Spiritual tours to Egypt.
  • Egypt desert safari.
  • Egypt honeymoon packages.
  • Egypt & Holy land Tours.
  • Egypt Golf Packages.
  • Egypt Classic tours.

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