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karnak temple

Prepare  yourself to catch our  All inclusive Holidays to Egypt that offer  the chance you amazing holidays packages to discover the beauty of the red sea in packages in wonderful  vacation packages in Sharm  El Sheikh  civilization and culture with Egypt classic tours to different  history  sites ,it’s your chance to enjoy Egypt safari  packages  to explore beauty of the Egyptian desert, and explore unforgettable packages between Egypt and  Jordan .enjoy amazing landscape of Wadi Rum desert ,and Petra, and  ibis Egypt tours.    


Are you ready for many things to do in Egypt? enjoy trip red sea, Sharm El Sheikh, get ready to explore the world of diving and swimming , also underwater  level  around 25 meters , and also try a snorkeling , and enjoy crystal water and you can watch colorful fish , and you can visit desert  Sinai , then you can visit Sant Catherine, and Moses mountain, and enjoy watching  colors from the oxidized surface by the sunlight , and you can visit Ras Mohamed , you can explore Egypt like Cairo and visit the pyramids of Giza king Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus and dates to the old kingdom, and you can explore the valley  temple that belongs to  king  Chephren ,and you can visit sun boat  , and Sphinx, it’s a huge sitting statue consist of human head and lion body in magical harmony, and pharaonic village in Cairo, and Egyptian museum, you will discover through  all inclusive holidays to Egypt .

do you want to have amazing holidays? get  ready for amazing and wonderful All  inclusive holidays  to Egypt with Ibis Egypt that offers packages with exciting things to do ,fill your soul with history   civilization and culture of Egypt and you will be able to explore many historical, discover the great history of Egypt, get new Knowledge about the pyramids of Giza and watch statue known the SPHINX, explore the Egyptian Museum the contains more 120.000 original masterpieces ,  amazing original masterpieces  the beauty of the Egyptian art  different periods like TUTANKHAMON Collection and you will explore golden musk , and  NARMER PALLETTE , and Zoser statue, and you will explore Hutschepsot statue  sphinx and Cheophern  status .  , keen to try Cairo and Nile Cruise packages, then  explore  Luxor city, visit  Luxor  temple where  you will explore the colonnade AMENHOTEP III and pylon of RAMSES II,  then visit KARNAK temple in west bank of Luxor you visit HATSHEPSUT temple at El Deir El Bahari through the new Kingdom,  has the same design Engineer  Mentuhotep !!, you can visit the valley of the kings, and watch Colossi of Memnon, move the east bank ,and you will visit Karnak temple  it’s the most huge temple in Egypt where you will explore 134 column in different  two  axes  makes a panoramic view .

Add new experience through our wonderful  All  Inclusive Holidays to Egypt in best Egypt Classic Packages, explore to  Aswan the land of the gold, you can watch (the great high dam)and discover Philae temple, that was built through the Roman period. sail to Kom Ombo  pay a visit to the double shared temple of Gods Sobak , and Horus, then sail to Edfu where you will visiting  (Edfu temple)that consider as the second huge temple in Egypt, explore Luxor city watch temples like colonnade Amenhoteb !!! and  RAMSES II memorize  has victory in Kadesh  battle  , and small Abu Simple temple built his wife  Nefertari  , and Karnak temple in west bank of Luxor, and  Hatshepsut at ELDER EL Bahari, and Colossi  Memnon, and  the huge temple in Egypt will explore 134 column in different  two  axes  makes  a  panoramic view ,and visit a valley of the kings

There are many Types through All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt  Such as:

Egypt Budget Tours

Egypt and Jordan Tours

Egypt Desert Safari

Egypt Classic Tours

Egypt Short Tours

Egypt Holy Land Tours

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