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The Nile River plays a big role in the history since the ancient Egyptian through it, enjoy travelling through Nile Cruise that shows the majesty of the longest River in the world, discover the ancient wonders of Upper Egypt, even you decide to visit Egypt you will be surprised of its magic and beauty. So, don’t be late about the new experience to Nile Cruise via the Nile River and you will have the chance to feel luxury, relaxing and get more knowledge concerning ancient civilization.  Have an unforgettable holiday to Egypt, Each day gives you every opportunity to explore new sights or fascinate your eyes with a different view.

Whether you are thinking about sailing for the first time or you are a frequent visitor to Egypt, we have a lot of boats to choose from and also we can reassure you of the best facilities, Services in addition to hot offers. Sail with Felucca Nile Cruise to Koubaneya Village and walk through it, continue sailing to the harbour, put up your tent for camping beside the fire then relax in your camp, release your soul with drums where you can dance, enjoy the Egyptian Music. Next Day you will sail to Darrow local Village which is the public Market in Aswan for Camels, it is a different experience you will never forget ever. Another day, Sail to Kom Ombo-Fares Village- enjoy short walking on the amazing bank of the Nile River, fascinate with the desert, Sail to Gebel El-Silsila then relax beside the specs of Hormheb, watch the crowning hall belongs to Hormheb. Explore the countryside for two hours then sail to Edfu enjoying the delicious dinner on board your Felucca and have a nice time through the Excursion.   

A new deluxe Nile Cruise is waiting you called Amwaj Living Stone with Ibis Egypt Tours, Visit Aswan Sightseeing and embraces its Culture, Starting the first day with High Dam, The Temple of Philae, The unfinished Obelisk, and Nubian Folkloric Show. Next day, sail to Edfu, visit Edfu temple on the west bank of the Nile which is one of the most beautiful Egyptian temples and also the second largest temple after Karnak, Temple of Horus in Edfu, continue sailing to Esna, enjoy with Show “Gallabia Party”. Another wonderful day, walk through Valley of the Kings, visit only (3 tombs) like Tombs of Nobles which is carved in the rocks of the mountain, amuse your eyes with the Temple of queen Hatshepsut known as El-Deir El-Bahari, next excursion will be to the East bank Temples (Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple), then entertain with Belly Dancer & Oriental Tanura Show and don’t forget to take Selfie with all the sightseeing that you will visit it to be a memory.

I challenge you that you have never been like this sightseeing before, so don’t waste much time to think about the new trip. Visit Egypt and Sail with MS Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruise with Ibis Egypt Tours and entertain on board fabulous Nile Cruise ever, at first you will sail to Kalabsha Temple that was built by the Roman Emperor, Octavius Augustus in 30 BC. Next Day, you will sail towards Wadi El-Sabua, then sail to Amada and don’t forget to pass by Amada Temple that contains some important historical inscriptions and considered the oldest of the Lake Nasser temples. Another Day, Sailing to Kasr Ibrim from the Sundeck and take memorable Photos, Pass by Abu Simple Temple which its design is unique -rock-hewn “grotto” temples, although unusual in Egypt, enjoy the magical nature of Nubia and Lake Nasser. 

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