Nile Cruise Holidays in Egypt

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   Try to amuse yourself and enjoy have an amazing Nile Cruise vacations with Ibis Egypt Tours, you can enjoy wonderful Luxury Nile Cruise that Sailing via the great Nile river of Egypt, enjoy exploring many wonderful attractions in Egypt, you can enjoy Spending a great time through your holidays via the Nile River, feast your eyes on nature and beauty through the green banks of the Nile, you have the opportunity to explore most historical sites in Egypt like Abu Simbel temple, Luxor, Aswan, Edfu and kom ombo. You can visit many valuable temples, tombs, and attractions. You will have the Opportunity to try Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise, Lake Nasser Cruise, Dahabiya Cruise and Felucca Nile Cruise.

   Explore beautiful Nile Cruises Tours that Sailing between Luxor and Aswan, you have the chance to select the beginning of your tour and your Cruise from Luxor or Aswan. Enjoy having a beautiful Cruise with high Facilities like Swimming Pool, international Telephone, and Spa. have an amazing experience about Egyptian history through our Special holidays, Enjoy Visiting Luxor Temple that dedicated to the triad of Thebes, also visit Karnak Temple which Contains 10 Pylons and explore huge Hypostyle hall, then Sail to Edfu where you can watch Edfu Temple of the falcon god Hours, then Continue Sailing to Kom Ombo where you can visit Kom Ombo Temple of Sobek and Hours The Elder, and then enjoy Egypt Nile Cruise and explore Aswan attractions that you have to visit The great High Dam that built in 1960, then you have the chance to explore The wonderful Philae Temple which belongs to the goddess Isis and built through the Roman Period.

   Prepare yourself to gain a wonderful and valuable knowledge, you have the Chance to select between many Nile Cruise through Dahabiya Nile Cruises which offers you amazing Cruises like MS Judi Dahabiya Cruise, MS Donia Dahabiya Cruise, Sonesta Amirat Dahabeya Nile Cruise and more beautiful cruises with Ibis Egypt Tours, you have the chance to enjoy Luxury accommodation to feel relaxation in a wonderful dahabiya Cruise with a few number of Cabin enough for your Family or Friends to Spend an amazing vacation through sailing between Luxor and Aswan in the great Nile river, continue Sailing to explore the gleaming Pharaonic treasures through an amazing excursions to Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan .

   Chill out and feel relaxation through Spending an amazing Nile Cruise tours which gives you Felucca Nile Cruise, feast your eyes with wonderful landscapes the green banks and breath the Fresh air, explore Koubaneya Village and sail to the harbor and get an experience about Camping beside the Fire, also you have to sail to Kom Ombo to have an amazing experience through exploring the biggest camel market in Egypt which locate at Daraw, after that Prepare yourself to wonderful trip through Sailing to Fares Village where you have the Chance to explore the desert and The Nile through Short Walking, then enjoy sailing to Gebel El-Silsila Where you have to explore the Coronation hall of the King Horemheb.

There are many Parts through Nile Cruise Such as:

  • Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan
  • Lake Nasser Cruises
  • Dahabiya Nile Cruises
  • Felucca Nile Cruises

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