Multi Centre Holidays 2017

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  If you are looking for a Multi Centre Holidays, join Ibis Egypt Tours and have unforgettable visit to the Lands of Wonders, scout the greatness of the ancient History during your tour in Egypt and Jordan, discover some of the best monuments in the world that lasted for thousands of years and still stands till our day. Be prepared for a breathtaking experience with our Holy Land tours that will escort you to a magical tour around Egypt, Jordan, and even Israel, you will be amazed by the glory of the Holy Land you will explore with us.   

  Enjoy a fascinating Multi Centre Holidays in Egypt and Jordan, have the chance to scout the glory of the ancient civilization, start with Cairo to discover one of the Seven Wonders of the World the great Pyramids that named by the three kings Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, did you know that Cheops is the biggest Pyramid ever constructed in the whole world? Well, moving after that to Panorama area where you will take exceptional photos with the great Pyramids, move then to watch the famous Sphinx, pay a visit to the Valley Temple as well, head after that to discover the famous Egyptian museum to watch the  Mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jeweler and of course King Tutankhamen's treasures, you can also watch The boy king's death mask which was discovered in his tomb  and made of solid gold, also  been described as the most beautiful object ever made, take your Nile Cruise after that to explore Luxor attractions, Edfu and Kom Ombo,  Aswan best sightseeing as well, scout all of that while enjoying the beauty of the Nile river view, continue your tour in our Multi Centre Holidays to Jordan where you’ll scout Madaba, pay a visit to St George's Greek Orthodox Church with its mosaic that shows the pilgrimage from the surrounding areas to the Holy Land, head after that to Mount Nebo enjoy the unbelievable panoramic view that overlooks the Jordan River Valley, the Dead Sea, Jericho, and Jerusalem, have a new experience while discovering the lowest point on earth The Dead Sea also considered the largest "Natural Spa" in the world.

  Have a mind-blowing tour to scout all the Holy Land tours in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel included in your Multi centre Holidays, discover Egypt and start with Cairo best attractions, move after that to have exceptional tour to St Catherine, try to pass by Moses eyes, have a short visit to the Seven Daughters Monastery on your way, have a new adventure as well and try climbing Moses mountain, once you arrive to St Catherine Monastery enjoy exploring such an amazing attraction, try to visit Room of the Skulls and the famous burning bush before leaving,  next move will be to Jordan to scout the beautiful Red Rose City Petra, that was established around 06th century BC, you can also watch see Pharaoh's Castle, the Triumphal Arch, the Amphitheater and Monastery as well, leaving Petra then to scout Madaba, then move to Israel where you’ll visit 4,000 years old Port City of Jaffa, scout this old city with its restored structures, head after that to scout King Solomon’s Temple, next move will be to Tel Aviv -  which is the largest and most modern city in Israel, have a walk through the narrow passages of Old Jaffa, which is believed to be the oldest port city in the world, you can also visit the excavations of this ancient city, the Roman theatre and aqueduct as well, after that stop at Mount Carmel (Muckrake) to enjoy the breathtaking view of Haifa Bay and the Western Galilee region.

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