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 Egypt has many wonderful places to go on your vacation with Egypt holiday packages. If you like classic tours like going to pyramids to know about ancient Egyptian and the three pyramids. And you can visit museums around Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan to know about history. You will find all that at the Egypt classic tours. Loving the sea and the sunny beaches and relaxing try the red sea package and traveling to Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, you will be able to try the holy land tours in the holy land packages like going to mosques and churches to win more knowledge about it and you will get more different tours in ibis Egypt tours.

 Be ready for your simple tour around Egypt, like Cairo and Luxor and Aswan with Egypt holiday packages. Cairo is a great place to take a tour around it it’s full of tourists because it has one of the greatest things in the world (the pyramids), the pyramids are good choice to know more about ancient Egypt. Get ready to your new package of knowledge around Luxor, Luxor has too many old places and historical places you can hear about it on your tour around Egypt. Try to travel to Aswan. In Aswan you will amuse your eyes while visiting Abu Simbel temples and Philae Temple, The name of Philae is a Greek name means beloved. The second thing that you can go in Aswan is the high dam, the high dam is a successful project starts at 1960 and finished at 1971 after finishing the area behind the high dam flooded with water and become the lake Nasser high dam provides water and electricity to Egypt.


  Are you ready for your adventure tour in the desert journey with Egypt holiday packages, Egypt has too many places you can make a Safari torus-like Bahariya oasis and Luxor desert safari tour. Bahariya oasis has too much space of sand actually it’s completely full of sands. After you enjoy your breakfast in the hotel you will go on a little tour in the white desert in Bahariya oasis visit the crystal mountain. And you will see too many beautiful plants like Mushrooms and cactus it’s just an extraordinary place with extraordinary people and amazing food and the perfect camping. There is Kharga Oasis too Kharga Oasis is a perfect place to get a safari tour in it you can visit the temple of Hibis, the temple of Hibis is an amazing place to visit because it’s full of history about ancient Egyptians and the history of ancient Egypt. Kharga Oasis is full of desert and too many plants and great people.

 Time to the holy land tours with Egypt holiday packages, try to get more knowledge about religions like Islamic religion. Try to visit the Mosques around Cairo like Al-Azhar Mosque and Al Hussein mosque and Al Sayeda Nafeesah Mosque and more. You can learn more about the Islamic religion and watch what people do in the mosques and too many things. Time to take a unique tour about the Christian religion around the churches in Egypt like the church of the Virgin Mary in Haret Zuweila and the hanging church.

  Have a great journey with the red sea tour with Egypt holiday packages, try to travel to Sharm El Sheikh and get ready to be astonishment with all the attractive things like water sports and diving and enjoy the midnight parties and Delicious food and drinks. Sharm El Sheikh is an amazing place for tourists and all people around the world it’s completely made for you, you can go also to Tiran island and with a magnificent view underwater of the island. There is Hurghada too Hurghada is a magnificent place just like Sharm el Sheik. Hurghada is located on the pristine coastline of Red Sea and has many activities you can do there like diving in the warm water and going to Sahl el Hashish and camping with a little group at the mountains with a simple food and drinks.

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