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Dakhla Oasis Egypt


  If you’re looking for a perfect place to spend your vacation, Travel to Egypt and enjoy your Tour to Egypt and Jordan with Ibis Egypt Tours, have the chance to visit great historical places and also enjoy the beauty of the nature, you can also try a new level of excitement and join our Safari Tours, enjoy while discovering the secrets of the desert, also spend a great vacation in just few days with our short break tour try visiting Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, and Luxor.

  Join our Egypt and Jordan Tours that will escort you in a great visit to explore many places Travel to Egypt and start with Cairo where you’ll visit Giza Pyramids Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, also still known as one of the seven wonders of the world, head after that to Panorama area to take memorable photos with this great sightseeing, head after that to watch Sphinx the giant statues combines a humans head with a lions body, also enjoy your walkthrough the valley temple, head after to the Egyptian museum which is one of the greatest museums in the world. Moving after that to explore Jordan best landmarks starting with Wadi Rum to enjoy the unforgettable view of the desert, head to watch the Lawrence’s spring after that, then continue to see the majestic mountains, head after that to discover Petra that was founded by the Nabataean Arabs in the 6th C. BC, try entering the hidden city and watch the beautiful handmade carved buildings.

  Travel to Egypt to have unforgettable Safari Tour, have a new adventure in Egypt dessert, head to Bahariya Oasis to visit the nobles Tombs and also Alexander the great Temple, pass by the he Museum of Golden Mummies, finally head towards Ain El-Mephtella, go to the Black Desert after that to watch the gorgeous Crystal Mountain, and also the desert roses and the arch, continue to the white desert t6o see the formations that the wind carved sculptures sympathize both human and animal faces, after that head to see Farafra Oasis and Badr Museum, head then to Dakhla Oasis to watch the courthouse with its dwelling chambers, and the Old Covered City, visit also Muzzawaka, moving to Kharga Oasis to discover  the remote Roman village of Qasr El Labakha, visit El Bagawat Cemetery as well, and finally pass by Museum of Kharga before leaving.

  Find the joy and Travel to Egypt to have a great short break tour start with Cairo greatest landmarks like Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian museum, then head to Luxor East Bank to explore Karnak Temple which is the biggest temple ever constructed, head after that to watch the glorious Luxor temple, moving to the West Bank of Luxor to take a tour into the great valley of kings or valley of queens, moving then to the fascinating temple of Hatshepsut, watching the giant two statues of Colossi Memnon is a must as they stand on a free space as witnesses on Amenhotep III temple.

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