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Ibis Egypt Tours is welcoming of all the tourists who are deciding to make new trips to explore the part of the oriental life, which are in the following cities as Egypt, Jordan,etc.. With their fabulous cities as Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Petra, Amman, and more. So with Tours of Egypt, you will explore many amazing cities, explore more about the Egyptian culture, the Egyptian customs and traditions all of that you will explore while enjoying you tours & entertaining with your friends. And if you are a recent married you will enjoy with very interesting packages and excursions at the whole of Egypt.

So Starting with Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh Honeymoon Package during Tours of EgyptYou will enjoy with so many places to explore in Cairo as the three pyramids of Giza that Consists of the three famous pyramids Cheops, Chephren and Menkaure, those pyramids which built from about  25 centuries B.C. For the idea of the pyramid specifically, their hierarchical structure was related to the idea of the origin of the universe. They also believed, according to some of their writings and religious texts, that the pyramid is a means to help the soul of the deceased reach heaven with the god Ra , more rapid .also you will enjoy knowing a lot about the Sphinx as it considered a very important symbol in the Life of the Pharaohs with all of their dynasties  . Also during Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh Honeymoon Package  

You will enjoy of visiting the Egyptian museum as there you will enjoy returning with your mind to many ancient cultures of many different cities and countries as the Egyptian museum contains more than 150.000 monuments that refer to many interesting. Also there you will find with your honeymooner the room of King Tut Ankh Amun as there you will find his golden mask and many of his Personal belongings. Also, it will be optional if you like to enjoy the beauty of the Nile in a luxurious Nile Cruise for dinner so its.

Also during Tours of Egypt  there is so many excursions as   Honeymoon Package to Cairo, Alexandria, and Hurghada, During this tour you will enjoy so many interesting tours as the first one will be  in Alexandria the amazing mermaid of the Mediterranean   , this city was constructed by  Alexander the great  at  333BC  you will enjoy visiting,  The Qaitbay Citadel in Alexandria it was  situated at the entrance of the eastern harbor it was constructed at the era of Al Sultan Al Ashraf  it was a part of his coastal defensive edifices against the Turks.

So explore with Ibis Egypt Tours   with Tours of Egypt, the most historical and famous attractions  through Egypt Tour Packages  also with many different tours packages as the following :  

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  • Egypt honeymoon packages
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