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Don’t waste much time looking for Multi Centre Holidays, join Ibis Egypt Tours and have the best Egypt and Jordan Multi Centre Holidays, scout the wonders in the lands of great ancient civilization, amuse your eyes with the beauty of the nature, you can also try our Holy Land Tours that will escort you to explore the glory of most of the important places in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel.

  Join our Multi Centre Holidays to release the adventurer in you during your Egypt and Jordan Tour that will take you in a tour to discover Cairo where you will visit the famous Pyramids of Giza, Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, then head to stare at the great Sphinx, moving after that to Panorama area to take memorable photos at this area, heading toward the Egyptian museum after that to watch a great collection of ancient Pharaohs monuments, also Tut ankhamun, and the halls of mummies, head after that to Old Cairo where you can visit the Hanging Church, Abu Serga Church, and Ben Ezra synagogue, head after that to discover Aswan, continue your tour to Abu Simbel and Luxor, enjoy your trip to St Catherine after that, try to pass by Moses eyes and the Seven Daughters Monastery as well, once you arrive St Catherine Monastery enjoy exploring its beauty, next move will be to Sharm El Sheikh, manage to Relax at the sandy beaches while enjoying the Perfect weather and the unbelievable view of the Red Sea, have a great adventure while Climbing Moses Mountain after that, heading towards Jordan after that to start your tour with Wadi Rum, amuse your eyes with the unbelievable view of Wadi Rum Desert, head after that to Lawrence’s spring, continuing to the Majestic mountains, then move to explore the Red Rose City Petra.

  Scout some of the greatest Holy places in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel as well during your Multi Centre Holidays, start your tour with Cairo to scout it greatest sightseeing, then move to have unbelievable visit to St Catherine, next move will be to Jordan to scout one of the seven wonders of the world the Red City Rose Petra, move to stare at the Pharaoh's Castle, also watch the Triumphal Arch, the Amphitheater and Monastery, move to Amman after that to discover Madaba and have unforgettable visit to St George's Greek Orthodox Church, head towards Mount Nebo after that, passing by the Dead Sea since you’re in Jordan is a must, as it’s known as the biggest natural spa in the whole world, try a new experience of not being able to Sink in the Dead Sea water, continue your tour after that to Israel to discover explore the old town of Jaffa with its restored structures, moving after that to see Israel’s largest and most modern city Tel Aviv, move after that to have a walk through the narrow passages of Old Jaffa which is believed to be the oldest port city in the world,  you can also pay a visit to the excavations of this ancient city, the Roman theatre and aqueduct, next stop will be at the top at Mount Carmel.

  Explore a new level of relaxation while you’re on your Nile Cruise that will take you to scout Aswan, watch the High Dam, then move to Philae Temple, and also the unfinished obelisk, continue sailing to Kom Ombo to stare at the temple shared by two gods Sobek and Horus, then sail to Edfu to scout Edfu Temple, heading to the West Bank of Luxor to watch the temple of Hatshepsut, then have a walk through the valley of kings, moving after that to Luxor East Bank to see both Karnak temple and the temple of Luxor, heading to Jordan after that to explore its biggest Landmarks, starting from Madaba, passing by Mount Nebo, then head to have unforgettable tour in the beautiful Petra City.

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