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Alabaster Mosque of Muhammad Ali 1

     Don’t miss the chance to have beautiful knowledge about Egypt, explore the great places you can visit and gain culture about the history and civilization, have unforgettable vacation you can spend in Egypt, with Ibis Egypt Tours choose from our packages like Egypt Classic tours, Egypt budget tours, Egypt holy land tours, and also enjoy best Red Sea tours, Egypt Tourism gives you the chance to enjoy  best trips like spending your honeymoon in best places in Egypt, also you can visit Egypt and Jordan in one package to increase your culture, furthermore, you have to play Golf and make meditation in best sites in Egypt.

    Are you ready to spend a great classic tour in Egypt? With us you have the chance to have unforgettable tour around Egypt, you can explore Cairo sightseeing like the great pyramids of Giza which consider the royal tombs and dates back to the old kingdom, also explore sphinx that you have the opportunity to take photos with it in best panoramic view, stare between the galleries in The Egyptian museum and have the chance to explore the wonderful treasures of Tutankhamun, and also watch main masterpieces dates to Coptic and Islamic period. Egypt Tourism also have many places to visit in Egypt like The Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali Basha in Old Cairo, also it makes you visit Luxor where you have enjoyed visiting East and West bank, in East bank you can visit Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple, In West bank you have the chance to watch the beauty of Hatshepsut temple El Deir El Bahari and the Valley of The Kings to visit Tutankhamun Tomb, also you have to explore Colossi of Memnon.

    If you like the adventure, you can make best safari trips in Egypt, amuse yourself in tours from Luxor to Kharga and Dakhla Oases, in Kharga you can enjoy visiting the Museum of Kharga and explore El Bagawat Cemetery, after that move to Temple of Hibis, in Dakhla oasis you have the chance to explore the remote Roman village of Qasr El Labakha, Muzzawaka, and Deir El Haggar, and enjoy at night in your camp. Also, Egypt Tourism makes you make safari trips in Bahariya oasis where you have to visit Alexander The great Temple, and also you have to visit The nobles Tombs, you have the chance to amuse your eyes with the Golden Mummies Museum, feast your eyes with crystal mountain in the black desert, and have to visit the white desert where you can amuse yourself with the beautiful formations.

   Enjoy beautiful holy land tours in Egypt that you can visit Islamic and Christian places, start your tour by knowing the culture about Islamic places like The Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali Basha, also you have to explore El Hussain and El Sayda Zeinab Mosques, and then try to visit Alexandria city where you have the chance to enjoy visiting Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque and Lokman El Hakeem Mosque, with Egypt Tourism you can also move to get information about the Christian places in Egypt like St. Catherin Monastery that located in South of Sinai and try to enter the skulls room that has bones of the priests, and continue you Christian tour and visit Old Cairo churches like The Hanging Church, Ibn Serga Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue , also you have the opportunity to visit many monasteries in Wadi El-Natron such as Al-Baramus Monastery.


There are many Types through Egypt Tourism Such as:

Egypt Budget Tours

Egypt Classic Tours

Egypt And Jordan Tours

Red Sea Tours

Egypt Desert Safari

Egypt Holy Land Tours

Spiritual Tours To Egypt


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