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   Escape the crowd and chill out with Ibis Egypt Tours Nile Cruise that will give you the opportunity to relax while enjoying the beauty of the nature and also explore great historical places, Try Dahabiya Nile Cruise, and have a luxury tour visit Gebel el Silsila, explore Edfu Temple, and also Kom Ombo Temple, you can also take Felucca that will escort you in a tour to explore Nubian culture visit Koubaneya village and enjoy the beautiful view of the Nile. Have an unforgettable tour with Lake Nasser Nile Cruise, and enjoy your walkthrough Wadi El Seboua, or you can explore Temple of Dakka.

  Enjoy your Dahabiya Nile Cruise and start with Luxor East Bank to Explore the largest Temple ever constructed in the world Karnak Temple with its inconceivable pillars, the greatness of this temple is it serve as historical track record of the history and civilization of Egypt starting from Middle kingdom until Ptolem era, move toward Luxor Temple after that as it was built on a site for temple also dedicated to Amon Ra, sailing after that to the West Bank of Luxor to explore the greatness of valley of Kings head after that towards the temple of the beautiful queen Hatshepsut, Known also as El Deir El Bahri, it’s also the best temple still existed without any destruction, continuing to explore the giant two statues of Colossi Memnon, sail after that to Edfu to discover Horus Temple, visit Gebel Silsila after that, then sail to Kom Ombo to see the Temple shared by two gods Sobek & Haeroris, head after that to Aswan to discover the great Philae Temple.

  Have an unforgettable Tour with Felucca, enjoy while exploring the Nubian Lifestyle in Koubaneya Village , Taste a different type of Culture, enjoy watching Nubian women cooking , and try some delicious Nubian food, sail after that to Daraw local village to visit the biggest camel market in Egypt as it’s public market in Aswan for Camel have a tour and discover different kinds of Camels, Continue sailing to Kom Ombo, stop to explore the beauty of Baluli island, sail to Fares village after that, chill out near the Speos of Hormheb, amuse your eyes with view of the crowning hall belongs to Horemheb.

  Lake Nasser Nile Cruise will escort you in a tour to explore the glory of Abu Simbel Temple, Sail after that to Kasr Ibrim to enjoy the view from the sundeck and take fabulous photos, sail towards Amada after that to explore Amada and Derr Temples, move then to discover the Tomb of Pennut, you can also visit Wadi El Seboua Temple and Dakka Temple and Meharakka as well, sail with your Nile Cruise after that to Aswan where you can see Kalabsha Temple, which provide a perfect view to Lake Nasser, also dated back to back to the roman times and was dedicated to the Nubian god Mandoulis, move toward Beit El Wali after that, and finally enjoy exploring the glamorous  Kiosk of Kertassi.

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