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Ibis Egypt tours, through Tours of Egypt, is providing you many choices if you want to explore many destinations of the oriental world, this option  Egypt Holy Land Tours is providing you the visit of both countries Egypt, & the Holy Land or Jerusalem.  As there you will enjoy exploring the magic of the ancient Egyptian monuments and the holiness of the religious monuments and places that are at Jerusalem

First, you could pick the next tour Four Days Christian Tour of Egypt  From Taba Port There you will enjoy visiting so many interesting places you so many holey religious places in Taba as Jabal Musa or Mount of Sinai that located in the South Sinai, its height is 2285 meters above sea level. It was called Mount of Moses because God was talking to Prophet Moses, while he was receiving the Ten Commandments from God for the Israelis. Then you will move to visit the magical monastery of St. Catharine that contains the holy body of St. Catherine who lived in Alexandria.  Empress Helen, the mother of Emperor Constantine, ordered to build this monastery but the real one that the monastery constructed in his era was Emperor Justinian I between 548 and 565. As it considered one of the oldest Christian monasteries around the world & it has so many unique documents and manuscripts &codices in many languages as Greek, Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, and Hebrew. Also there you will find so many works of art that also returns to many amazing eras as icon of Virgin Mary and Child Jesus with saints and angels that returns to the 6th century, Byzantine icon of the Archangel Michael that return to the 13 century, Also another transfiguration icon that returns to the 12 century, Icon of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, also you will see other amazing icons. Then on the third day during your  Tours of Egypt , you will continue with visiting Giza three pyramids. As there you will entertain by knowing more about the Egyptian culture and civilization. There you will be surprised at their length, the hugeness of them. Also there you will explore more than three pyramids for the three kings, but also you will explore another three smaller pyramids each one is for each king’s mother. After that through Tours of Egypt you will move to explore one of the most precious museums which is the Egyptian museum, there you will find more than 150.000 magnificent pieces and artifacts as the golden mask of King Tut ankh Amun , three famous statues of the three kings Cheops, Chephren & Menkaure and many other interesting statues .

That’s not only but also through Tours of Egypt you will enjoy visiting many other amazing places as old Cairo as there you will explore & visit so many various Egyptian traditional churches that continue so many holy tools for many saints, that’s beside their holy body parts that remains till now. As the hanging church, St. George church Etc... Also, you will visit one of the most impressive Jewish monuments in Egypt which is Ben Ezra synagogue.

Also with Tours of Egypt you could pick one other tour from Egypt tour packages,  as if you wanna explore the Islamic culture in Egypt  so  Five Days Islamic Tour Of Egypt From Taba  will be your convenient one as after your first day  also will be in Sinai to visit St. Catherine Monastery , then you will move to visit  Ouyon  Mousa  that  may returns to the era of profit Moses  that consists  of about 5 oases that include  fountains of water, By arriving at Cairo you will enjoy visiting many Islamic ancient  mosques  as The Mosque of Amr Ibn El As that was constructed after the  Islamic conquest of Egypt  maybe at 600 A.C  . There you will find many columns about 365 one the same number of days of the year, Then you will visit the mosque of Amed Ibn Tolon .which was built by order of him during the year of 877. And this mosque is printed on one of the Egyptian paper currency (5 Pounds) till now.

Also, you will enjoy visiting the area of Al Hussein that has so many ancient and Fatimid Islamic monuments, including Al Hussein Mosque, Al Azhar Mosque and the popular area of Khan Al Khalili.

On the fourth day, you will enjoy having a full day tour at Alexandria as there you will enjoy visiting so many entertaining touristic places as the Alexandrian Library, And many other amazing monuments there. So take your decision as soon as possible and come to Egypt to enjoy…

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