Ismailia city over looking in Suez Canal. The name of Ismailia comes from the ruler of Egypt during that time Khedive Ismail, the French engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps founded the city in 1863 during the construction of the Suez Canal, he was also the engineer that he responsible for founding Suez Canal.

Ismailia have tourists from within Egypt, but is not a major tourism destination for international tourists. The city is approximately 90 minutes driving from Cairo. And it is approximately a 4 hours driving to Sharm el-Sheikh in South Sinai. A major attraction in Ismailia is the Ismailia Museum which was built in 1932. It has variety of significant archaeological relics most of them refer to Ismailia.

Each year Ismailia holds International Folklore Arts Festival that is held in September. Where they perform folkloric dance representing the culture of the city.

In modern Egypt the city is linked to the national rail network of Egypt via Banha in Al-Qalyubiyyah governorate. Additionally railway along the Suez Canal serves Ismailia city and facilitate the traffic movement to and from the city. Ismailia City has great development in many fields that serves Egypt such as all Educations levels and fishing industry in Mura lakes.