Egypt Holy Land Tours

Ibis Egypt Tours present you a gift of travel to best holy land destination in Middle with proffesional services and many sightseeing between holy land countries. Get ready for full entertainment during your Holy Land Tours with Ibis Egypt Tours

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Enjoy your Holy Land Tours in Egypt by extend tours to Cairo and St, Catherine from Taba and visit the amazing Sant Catherine Monastery with Moses mountain and know more about the Egyptian history during your Cairo Tours to Giza Pyramids and Egyptian Museum with special visit to Coptic Cairo

4 Days
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Get rest from your busy days and make unforgettable Holy Tours in Egypt to Cairo and Saint Catherine, drive from Cairo to Saint Catherine via Sharm El Sheikh and amuse yourself in Saint Catherine Monastery, Burning Bush and Room of the skulls. Also you have the chance to visit the amazing Giza Pyramids, Sphinx and Egyptian Museum in Cairo, moreover special visit to Cairo Coptic area and know the Christian history in Egypt during your Holy Tours to Cairo and Saint Catherine. 

5 Days
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Six Days Christian Tour Of Egypt From Cairo Cairo, St Catherine , Wadi El Natrun

Declare your inner feeling during your Egypt Holy Land Tours to famous Coptic area in Egypt such as hanging Church in Cairo, Al-Baramus Monastery in wadi El Natrun and amazing tour to Sant Catherine from Cairo to visit the Sant Catherine Monastery and Moses Mountain.

6 Days
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Five Days Islamic Tour Of Egypt From Taba Cairo, Alexandria, St Catherine , Taba

Enjoy best Holy Land Tours from Israel to Egypt via Taba and visit Saint Catherine Monastery, Giza pyramids, Egyptian Museum and know more about the different cultures during your Holy Land Tours in Egypt. Make unforgettable day tour to Alexandria from Cairo and get amused by the roman sightseeing, Islamic Sightseeing and Modern highlights in Alexandria

5 Days
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Egypt and Jordan Holy Land Tours Cairo, St Catherine , Petra

Try our Holy Land tours and get inspired by our sightseeing in Cairo, St Catherine, Petra and Amman. There are plenty of excursions during your holy land tours in Egypt and Jordan and more inspiring activities, just book you’re next Holy Land Tours to Egypt and Jordan with Ibis Egypt Tours

7 Days
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Be ready for Holy Land Tours from Ibis Egypt Tours, make a combine tour between holy land countries and visit the holy land destination, churches and places. Visit Coptic churches in Egypt and immortal Giza Pyramids, then move to Jordan and visit the amazing Petra Rock and Amman, after that depart to Israel with very incredible sightseeing to Jaffa, Galilee Sea, Valley of Armageddon, Nazareth and Tiberias, as well as visit New and Old Jerusalem with Mount of Olives

15 Days
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