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Kharga Oasis

Kharga Oasis

Kharga Oasis is the largest modernization of the Western Desert Oasis, Kharga Oasis has own personality away the main idea from that the Oasis refers to primitive life, it climate be moderated from October to January, be witness with the glory of Temple of Hibis, walkthrough Kharga Museum, moreover scout the gleaming finds of Ancient Egyptian and Greco Roman archeological landmarks there.

In the beginning Kharga Oasis was market for slave trade, nowadays its largest Oasis in Egypt concerning population, approximately 70.000 people, Kharga Oasis natural beauty is so amazing, staring to the stars a night, try Bedouins food, it offer mix between modern facilities and primitive lifestyle, Whether you are sleeping under the stars, or just relaxing between the high palm-trees, you will find a feeling of integration with the environment.

Amuse yourself with the remains of intermediate period at Kharga Oasis, explore some huge buildings, monuments dates back to 13th Dynasty, and moreover head out towards to Kharga Museum in El Kharga and stare at its artifacts and more, Not far from Kharga, you’ll have the opportunity to explore very old Coptic landmarks such as the Necropolis of Al-Bagawat and Deir Al-Kashef Monastery.

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