Fayoum Attractions


Fayoum Attractions

Egypt has plenty of fascinating cities, Fayoum is one of the gleaming part of Egypt, Fayoum lies in a natural depression in Egypt’s western desert, near Cairo and had an amazing attractions and natural beauty because it connected to the Nile River by Natural channel and Bahr Yusuf,Fayoum major landmarks date backs to Pharaonic, Greek, Islamic and Coptic era, which provide this city and make it fantastic, Fayoum is treasured by many Cairenes as a place to find rest, peace and pleasure due to its breathtaking landscapes, in addition to its monuments and unique cultural sites.

Fayoum is a booming place to escape the masses, feel free and relaxing, scout around the fascinating finds of Qarun Lake, it consider the large area of el Faiyum, at the past days el fayum was named shedet because it was the large center for Sobek the crocodile god, it get through a lot of rules since pharaonic, to greek, then Roman Empire, moreover catholic church.

Treat yourself to be pampered while visit el Fayoum, where you can stare at Qarun Lake which provide plenty of Birds, weather and amazing view, then keen to visit valley of whales which contains variety of fossil and skeletons of whales, for adventure seeikng fayum provide Wadi el Rayan where you will be able to enjoy sand boarding over sandy dunes and more things you can do there.

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