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Make your dream vacation perfect with Ibis Egypt Tours, feel ravishing with Lake Nasser Cruise, taste wonders of Pharaonic landmarks, Walkthrough Wadi El Seboua, stare at Temple of Dakka, and then head out towards temple of Meharakka and more with Lake Nasser Cruises. Lake Nasser the largest man made reservoirs in the world, it covers around 6.600 km2, it contain approximately 162 billion m3 of water, and about population around 1 million people in Egypt and 1 million people in Sudan, banks of lake Nasser characterized by its dry and hot natural desert, it formed mainly for water storage but it still has plenty of archeological sites like Abu Simbel Temple, Penout Temple, Kalabsha Temple and more with lake Nasser cruises.

One for the marvels of ancient Egyptian and One for the history and mystery that fill the banks of Lake Nasser, Ibis Egypt Tours will help you to get memorable, relaxing and luxury vacation on board Movenpick Prince Abbas, scout around the gleaming landmarks like Temple of Amada, stare at Abu Simbel Temple. Abu Simbel Temple is located on south boarder of Egypt close to Sudan, it was constructed for the Pharaoh Ramses II, around 320 Kilometers away from Aswan the twinkling city, it was the largest and mysterious construction in Egyptian History, and this temple is dedicated to Amon Ra, Harmakis and Ptah. 

The facade consists of four statues for the Pharaoh seated on his throne and represent his advancing age with the youngest to the left as viewed from the front. Prepare to be blown away by the magnificence of the world's most breathtaking monuments, and Egypt’s second most visited touristic site, the Pyramids of Giza being on the top of the list and know more with lake Nasser cruises packages.

Perfect for the travelers are looking for finer thing, high level of relaxation, Ibis Egypt Tours help you to feel charming while try MS Eugenie Lake Nasser Cruise, enjoy staring at Abu Simbel, stop at the glory of Meharakka Temple, then walkthrough Wadi El Sebua. Wadi es Sebua Temple is located on the east bank of Lake Nasser around 150 km from Aswan, it had a historical importance which is considering the second large Nubian temples after Abu Simbel Temple, was dedicated to god Amun, and also built by Ramses the second, Wadi El Sebua, this name mean in Arabic ‘Valley of the Lions, This temple like most of the other Nubian monuments have been rescued and relocated 4 km north from its original location to escape the rising water of Lake Nasser and more with cruise lake Nasser.

Succumb to the beauty of the Nile River and saver at the wealth of history with Ibis Egypt Tours, try MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise and amuse yourself with the gleaming finds on Kasr Ibrim Citadel, stare at the amazement of Abu Simbel Temple and Temple of Dakka. Temple of Dakka is located on site at Wadi es sebou after flooded by water since the construction of High Dam, it built in collaborations with Ptolemy II and Agher Amon who was Nubian King, like most of the other Nubian monuments it was converted into a church during the Christian era, The temple's pylon is now separated from the remainder of the temple due to the missing enclosure walls of the open court, this temple's decorative theme was never competed and more with lake Nasser cruises Egypt.

When you visit Egypt keen to try MS Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruise with Ibis Egypt Tours, walkthrough Wadi el Sebua, scout around the gleaming landmarks like Abu Simbel Temple stare at Temple of Amada. Temple of Amada is considered the oldest Nubian archaeological sites at Lake Nasser, although it is small temple but it has a fascinating panoramic view especially while cruise the Lake Nasser, it built by Thutmose III at 18th dynasty, In this temple king Thuhmosis II venerated the middle kingdom king Senusert III of the 12th dynasty, honoring the victorious campaigns that king Senusert have made in the land of Nubia and more with Nile cruise lake Nasser.




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